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Nova What? 1974 Chevrolet Nova 4×4

Yeah, you heard me. This big bully looking vehicle is, in fact, real, and is up for sale. You can purchase this 1974 Chevrolet Nova 4×4 for a current bid price of $7,650, with no reserve, and there’s the option to make an offer. It is located in Ellijay, Georgia and the seller says that they do in fact daily drive it. You can view the eBay listing here.

The mileage sits at 170,000 miles on the 5.7 Vortec engine with an automatic transmission, on the column, and 4×4 bump on the floor. It has a 30-gallon fuel tank and a tow hitch. Interior elements consist of a new radio system, bucket seats, manual windows, and no AC. Creature comforts are for the birds.

With battle cars becoming a trend, this would be a fantastic promotional vehicle. If you own some type of business; paintball, airsoft, zombie hunting, or something more traditional that could utilize a very eye-catching vehicle, this is it. And, it isn’t just a lawn ornament. You can literally “mean” business when you pull up in this.


  1. Classic Steel

    A “no go” Nova made to go with 4×4 is quite the irony here dispite my dislike of owners putting these todether 😮😼

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  2. Michael

    I have to admit, I dont hate it. But don’t want it either.

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  3. Bob_S

    What a waste, That all I can say.

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  4. jdjonesdr

    Kudos to the seller for using it as a daily driver.

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  5. Don H

    A 74 nova is knot worth much ,so doing that is ok ,kind of 🤔

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  6. MFerrell

    I don’t hate it either. I’d like it more if it didn’t sit so high, more akin to an AMC Eagle. That would look pretty cool…

    Would be nice to see more of the build, looks like it was well done.

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  7. Max

    Again another classic molested ! A 70s Nova is a Nova thats the beauty. Not meant be a molested and modded hot rod 4×4! thanks but No thanks

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  8. Jimmy

    If he does daily drive it … it must have been done in a quality manner. Later Novas are not that collectible so might as well use one for this. I wouldn’t mind owning it just for a weekend toy but only for about 5K. I’ve driven around Atlanta’s interstates and nothing surprises me what I might see on the highway. Now what’s with the wires coming out of the top of the drivers fender ???

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  9. Wrong way

    The first thought that came to me was MUD BOG! I suspect that is what they do with it! That is very popular in Georgia and Alabama!

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  10. Cyrus Echols

    For all you complainers…so a dude has a ’74 Nova sitting around,not stock numbers matching factory muscle car,just a six banger auto..nothing rare or collectable…a Nova. In the back yard sits the frame and drive train of a non- descript GM 4X4 just wasting away. Dude is one of those neighbors who fixes everything and has that imagination more people need. One day it dawns on him…” Sure.. it’s close enough, all I gotta do is…” So he puts the Nova and 4×4 together, pretty well at that, and drives it awhile before maybe selling it. And all you can comment is your personal complaints and judgemental opinions. I remember a day when this thing carried alot more cool factor than y’all giving it credit for. He jammed,pushed,molded,mashed,bolted,wired and welded two unlikely to be road capable vehicles together and saved a Nova and some 4×4. Get over it and youselfs… it’s cool and you know it… I’ve never met this guy ever… imagine my surprise to find out it’s in Ellijay…same place I moved to recently…myself, I’d hang around this persons garage when he’s doing this kinda stuff. I’ve always got into this backyard engineering..So,find something to complain about elsewhere and dude, I’ve got some bizarre ideas floating around and some wire, a piece of sheet metal,some rebar and nothing to do on weekends….

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