Numbers Matching Z28: 1969 Chevy Camaro RS

It’s not surprising to see the strong bidding on this 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport, which is an impressive survivor in unmodified condition. It went into an Alabama barn in 1984 and just recently emerged with very few alterations from stock. The seller notes that small details usually lost to time are still present on this car, like the X33 stencil marks still visible on the firewall! Find the Camaro here on eBay with bidding at $21,300 and the reserve unmet. 

Everything about this car checks the right boxes, right down to the color combination of butternut yellow with black bucket seat interior. The motor is the correct, numbers-matching DZ302 that is still free, according to the seller, paired to a manual transmission that is a factory warranty replacement unit. The seller further notes that the 3.73 posi rear end is also a “born with” assembly, rendering this car in incredibly stock condition for a model that is almost always modified.

The interior is in rough condition, yes – but seeing the original bucket seats in good shape is a treat. The seller says the Camaro was pulled into the barn for restoration, with the owner getting as far as removing the front clip. All of the panels are still with the car, and the seller notes that even the headlight washer components remain attached. The original flat hood, console, gauge package, and carburetor all remain with the car, despite the intake having been changed at some point.

The seller notes “….you can put the car in gear and rock the car and the motor rolls so it doesn’t appear to be locked up,” which is even more encouraging when considering an investment like this Camaro. Rust is surprisingly minimal, limited to “…small spot in the front passenger floor pan rusted through but otherwise really good, the car has all the normal rust in the quarter bottoms and around the windows under the trim.” Cars this honest don’t appear often anymore, so we’re not surprised to see the strong bidding with six days left.

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  1. Bill Obrien

    This is exactly what this website is for.

  2. Andre

    Hard yes. Nice car!

    If only I had the time……. space…….. money… [neverending excuse list].

    Goodluck to whoever the new owner will be.

  3. Jack M.

    Is it just my computer or did you guys get rid of the thumbs up again?

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member


      • slickb


  4. newport pagnell

    I love what gets passed for “minimal” rust in these descriptions. I wish SAE would pass a min rust standard. Maybe 1-10 with ten being maximum Fe.

  5. Tony Primo

    👎 Bring back the thumb!

  6. GP Member

    27,000 bid , needs everything, good luck. It’s pretty clear that nobody cared at all about this car.

  7. SquirrelyGig

    So….how about the Ahooga horn or is it the 24 tune musical horn? If it’s the musical horn I’m clearly hearin’ “Dixie”. While Buddy Repperton’s Camaro didn’t have the “standard” Hazzard County trunk antenna, it still makes me think of him? Yes, I know Buddy Repperton was not from Hazzard County. Come to think of it, I don’t know that for a fact?
    As for being serious, Unless the previous “restoring owner” started the restoration w/ new front seat upholstery, how is it that the fronts look so decent & the rear seat is absolutely thrashed? Almost looks like water damage among various other possible contaminants in the rear?
    As for the rest…rust in the normal places, etc., etc.. If your hat is in the ring on this one & you can afford the price, you know what your facing. IMHO, I agree that this car does in fact deserve to be called a survivor. Unlike so many others nowadays referred to as such simply because it’s become as common as “rare” to call it that. I say lightly clean it up, make it safe & rock what ya;’ got! My gut feeling, is that a car w/ this configuration & originality, this intact will likely be going to auction in Vegas, Arizona or Florida w/in a number of months as a pristine resto or resto mod & bring some sort of insane money. Neat car & a good pipe dream for a minute, but many of us are likely out of the competition on this one. Did I mention neat car?

    • moosie moosie Member

      I’d bet those front seats are not the originals or if they are they were taken out before the car was “stored”. When I see cars like this I think that back in the day I chose to buy my 4 speed 383 Road Runner hard top instead of a Z/28 ?

      • 427Turbojet Member

        In 1975, I moved to a small western Minnesota town to attend college. New area for junkyards!! I started haunting one of the local yards digging through their inventory. They had a 69 Z/28 that had been hit in the right rear quarter. They wanted $800.00 for it, including a used quarter for repair. I try several times to buy the 302 for $300.00, but they wouldn’t bite. Was this same yellow with a yellow and black houndstooth interior. At the time, I thought that interior was the most hideous thing I’d ever seen-still think it’d be pretty ugly. Probably should have bought the whole car but most likely would have pulled engine trans and 12 bolt rear and scrapped the body.

  8. Newport Pagnell

    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

  9. Woody

    Always liked the RS Z2/8 because I had a relative owned an original car with hugger orange and white stripes,of course he raced quarter-mile most of the time but the car was absolutely beautiful.Could have bought it early ‘85 for around $4000 but had my Barracudas and a Dart,it was sad to see him sell such a great looking Camaro! This butternut yellow Z would be a perfect project for the hobby body man,and it even comes with a rare “K40” cb antenna on the trunk lid along with the horn,Duke boys style! HA!


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