Orange Dreamsicle: 1976 Dodge Ramcharger SE

This orange and white Dodge Ramcharger was supposedly ordered new by a Chrysler executive in what can only be described as a Denver Bronco’s color scheme. It’s showing 136k miles, so it isn’t in perfect condition, but it’s a daily driver that doesn’t look too bad. The Sunrise Orange paint with bright blue interior isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely unique! If you’d love to hit the road in this Ram, you can find it here on eBay in Vancouver, Washington with a BIN of $9,800.

The Ramcharger was Dodge’s response to Ford’s Bronco and GMC’s Jimmy. Like its competitors, this Ramcharger has a removable hardtop that converts it from a winter fighting SUV to an open top summer time cruiser. This truck looks great with the top off, you get to see that bright blue interior in all of its glory. The original hardtop is still with the truck and matches the white and orange color scheme.

Power comes from a 225 cui slant six, which is said to run great. This engine should prove to be extremely dependable and easy to work. A V8 would definitely be more fun though, even the 318 would be a nice upgrade. While this six produces respectable amounts of torque, this is a lot of vehicle for it to move around. There’s plenty of slant six performance parts out there though if you decide you need more grunt.

Whether you are a Denver Broncos fan or not, this would be a fun rig to have. It’s odd that it was optioned with Li’l Red Express wheels and the Special Edition package, but not 4 wheel drive and a V8. Between the options, color combo and originality, this has to be a rare rig and hopefully the next owner will keep it as original as possible.


  1. Chebby

    Guess it didn’t sell, you featured this one in August.

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  2. Bill

    My Dad bought the Plymouth version of this in 76, trailduster it was called. It leaked like a S.O.B. It was kinda cool though. He never took the top off in fear that it would leak even worse than it did before.

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  3. lawyer George

    NICE LOOKING. but K.O.’ed by slant 6 and overpriced by $3500.00.

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  4. seth karpen

    the blue interior does not work well with the orange paint

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    • Michael

      University of Florida and Auburn University Alumni might strongly disagree. Jus Sayin

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  5. JW

    Well the exterior color is fine but the interior sucks with the orange, while the 6 cylinder is dependable I would rather have a V8 and last it’s not a 4×4. My inlaws had a 78 Ramcharger and it was a stripper but had a V8, man was that thing a rattle can but I would have loved to own it just for beating it out on the trails since it was a 4X4. I would have to pass on this one.

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    • LastCJ

      Agree the problems here are the lack of a V8 and 4WD. The blue interior is at least original and intact. IMO, wheels look great.

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  6. hank

    Needs a V-8. and a drop in the price so the buyer can get that blue interior the hell out of there, or repaint the thing.

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  7. Tricky

    First of the Ramchargers – nifty!! But I agree with the previous comments, blue with white and orange……???

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  8. Superdessucke

    It’s neat looking but unfortunately it misses most of the marks. You can’t really use it as a work hauler like a 2WD pick up because it’s an SUV and a little on the pricey side. For an SUV you might want four wheel drive and V8 power.

    So I don’t really know what this appeals to. It’s nice that exist but I would just look for a pickup or 4-wheel drive SUV

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  9. Rush Meade

    Nice overall.

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  10. Harry

    My grandfather had one of these back in the 70s. It was brown with yellow top(!). 225 and 3-speed manual+4wd. I remember that it was very noisy car.

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  11. Mike

    Removable top AND factory air is kinda cool but better not live in the hills with all that weight and that wimpy slant 6. 10k is crazytalk.

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  12. JimmyJ

    10 grand in August ,seller is sure generous dropping price by $200 I’m sure he’ll move it now👎

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  13. Carguy

    I had a first-year 1974 Ramcharger SE. It was 4-wheel-drive with a 360 V-8, green and white body with dark green interior.
    The bonus, it was the only year without door window jambs, so when you took the top off, it was a true convertible-looking SUV. The top was rarely on it, that’s why God made tarps.
    It’s the only vehicle I ever had which is still the subject of my dreams. Should’ve kept it, darn it!

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