Italian Classic Cars

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Rebuilt and Restored: 1975 Maserati Merak

This Maserati Merak looks quite nice, and that’s because it is: it was substantially overhauled in 2016, with both the engine and the body receiving significant updating in the form of new paint and an engine rebuild. The Merak… more»

Take Your Pick: Fiat or Volkswagen

Amidst a warehouse full of vintage cars, this seller has identified three that are for sale. Two are of Italian origin (Fiat Spyder, 1200 and 1500) and the other is from Germany (VW Karmann Ghia). All three of these… more»

Italian Italian Job: Rare 1974 Innocenti Mini 1000

The Mini wasn’t the first front wheel drive car, wasn’t the first city car…wasn’t the first anything, really. What the Mini did, the original 1959 Morris designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, was to turn the engine sideways and push… more»

20 Years in Warehouse: 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6

As of late, I’m on the hunt for a 1980s Alfa Romeo. Specifically, a 75 / Milano sedan, in either the base model flavor or upgraded Verde trim. So, I’ve noticed that while the best cars are commanding respectable… more»

One Of Only 88! 1952 Alfa Romeo 1900 Cabriolet

We are covering this rare Alfa Romeo again because it has changed hands since it was last listed. JO We feature barn finds and garage finds all the time, what would you expect, right? Well, some of those finds… more»

Repair or Part Out? 1979 Fiat 128

The Fiat 128 was a small econobox built in Italy between 1969-85 but only imported to the U.S. from 1971-79. It would sell relatively well in the ’70s because the OPEC oil embargo drove up the price of gasoline…. more»

1 Of 50: 1952 Siata 300BC Convertible

The Siata Company- or Societa Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accesori for long- was originally founded in 1926 by an Italian gearhead named Giorgio Ambrosini, whose initial vision was to open a tuning and modification shop for Fiat cars and to… more»

Sterling: 70s Kit Car Survivor?

Can a kit car be a survivor? The Sterling (or Nova, Eureka, Sebring, Cimbria, Sovran, Puma, Totem, Eagle, Scorpion, Ledl, Defi, Gryff, and Tarantula!) may have the distinction of having been produced under the most names of any coupe… more»

Affordable Italian? 1976 Lancia Scorpion

Barn Finds reader Matt H. forwarded this mid-engined Italian rarity to us and I, for one, am intrigued. It’s located in Vancouver, Washington, and is listed for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $9,400. The seller… more»

Not a Frightpig! 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

Do you ever wonder if a car that has a horrible reputation may actually be a decent driver if it’s taken care of? That’s what I think of whenever a Maserati Quattroporte shows up for sale. This one is… more»

Nicest One Left? 1980 Maserati Quattroporte

Italian manufacturer Maserati has built some achingly beautiful cars over the decades, but their offerings from the 1980s probably won’t rate as their most stunning in the eyes of many. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,… more»

Unusual Pairing: 1989 Chrysler TC By Maserati

The Chrysler TC by Maserati had only a brief lifespan and can be found in only 3 model years, 1989-1991.  Although it was actually introduced in 1986 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, developmental setbacks followed, and by the… more»

Exotic Barn Find: 1962 Maserati 3500GTI

Despite their current fall from grace with dealer lots full of money-pit sedans and generic crossover vehicles, Maserati did at one time produce machines that were beautiful and exotic, with racing heritage impressively close to the surface. This 1962… more»

Potential Fun: 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Project

Driving a classic Italian convertible has a unique romantic air to it. Sure, everyone likes a Ferrari, but an Alfa Romeo gives its own special flavor to driving. They say to not judge a book by its cover, but… more»

The Ultimate Supercar? 1992 Ferrari F40 Survivor

While it may not be accurate for all of our Barn Finds readers, I’m sure that more than a few of you would have your “ultimate garage” defined in your head. These would be the cars that you would… more»

Low Mileage Arachnid: 1976 Lancia Scorpion

Lancia (pronounced LAHN-chya) has an extensive history with racing. Their 037, Stratos, and Delta held just about every winning title in world rally racing, and they brought that racing knowledge to their road cars, too. Motortrend has a good… more»