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37k Mile 1987 Yugo GV Survivor

Life has its serious moments, and taking a chance to escape can be crucial as a pressure relief. Many motoring enthusiasts retire to their workshop to tinker with a classic car or hit the road to enjoy all their… more»

Right at Home on a Trailer: 1986 Zastava Yugo

How horrid is the Yugo? One measure of its popularity is the Yugo Club Facebook page: last post in 2023, and all of 370 followers. Rack that up against total production from 1980 to 2008 of almost 795,000 copies,… more»

Cheap Wheels? 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta

The 1981 model year was the swan song for the second-generation Chevy Camaro. After 12 years in production, the design had run its course (sales were down by more than half in just two years). The Berlinetta was the… more»

Abandoned Shop Find: Yugo GV

Have you ever had a barn find hit very close to home? This Yugo GV has been parked in a little shop I I used to drive past daily when I lived down the road from it in Warwick,… more»

One Owner Moscow Garage Find: 1980 VAZ-2101

For all of its military strength and technological achievements (they were the first country to place a human in orbit), the former Soviet Union suffered one significant shortcoming following World War II; It didn’t possess a viable automotive industry…. more»

Czech Rarity: 1974 Tatra 603

If you happen to find yourself in Tampa Bay, Florida, you should check out the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum which has a wonderful collection of iconic cars and trucks, including one of the biggest assortments of Tatras I’ve seen… more»

Sense of Humor: 1988 Yugo GV

Possessing a sense of humor, particularly during adverse times, can prove vital to maintaining good mental health and well-being. The owner of this 1988 Yugo demonstrates that trait with the stickers plastering its panels. They suggests that you need… more»

18k Mile Survivor: 1991 Lada Niva 4×4

Want a small SUV that’s got history that a brand-new RAV 4 will never offer? How about a 1991 LADA Niva with under 18,000 miles on the clock and a full resto to boot? This car, offered for a… more»

Low Mileage 1988 Yugo GV

1988 Yugo. Starts right up. Thirty thousand miles and three thousand bucks, according to the ad here on craigslist. (Thanks, Rustydust, for this tip.) If you hanker for an odd piece of automotive history, and you can register a… more»

Air-Cooled Hemi V8! Tatra 603 Sedan

The Tatra 603 was a larger rear-engined luxury car that was produced by Tatra (a Czechoslovak company) from 1956 to 1975. Due to the political climate of the day, only high-ranking politicians and heads of companies usually had access… more»

Polish Project Plane: 1953 MiG-15UTI Jet

“No, honey, I told you that I’m not buying any more old motorcycles or cars, I don’t remember mentioning not buying any Russian-built jets used by the Polish military”… The seller has this 1953 Mikoyan-Gurevich, or MiG, 15UTI training… more»

3-Wheel Cyclecar! 1960 Velorex 16/350

The Velorex was an “Oskar” which meant “car on axle.” Produced in the Czech Republic, it was a tube-framed, 3-wheel cyclecar powered by a 2-stroke air-cooled engine that displaced either 250 or 350-cc. Half the body was a canvas-like… more»

Fantastic Russian Collection For Sale

We’ve seen a few Russian cars appear on our desks here at Barn Finds over the past decade, but it is rare to see more than one car come from the same seller. However, the owner of this collection… more»

Original Paint: 1988 Yugo GV

I always consider myself to be a fortunate man. I have had the privilege to drive some pretty desirable classic cars during my life, but there are still a few that remain on my Bucket List. Some of you… more»

Polish Barn Find: 1961 GAZ-21 Volga

Barn Finds come in all shapes and sizes. With cars from the former Soviet Union gathering traction in the classic market, buying one today could represent a reasonable long-term investment. The owner of this 1961 GAZ-21 Volga found it… more»

Best One Left? 1989 Yugo GV

This 1989 Yugo GV is a sad sight sitting in this workshop. It had been in hibernation for eighteen years before the current owner spotted it. He discovered that once he dug below the surface, this little gem was… more»

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