Patina Perfection: 1968 Mustang Fastback GT

I’m sure there are many of you thinking that this Mustang Fastback needs to be painted ASAP and while I don’t disagree with you that it should be painted, there’s a part of me that would want to leave it as is. Just think of the attention and conversations it would create anywhere you take it! Yes, eventually it will need to have the rust repaired and a new coat of Wimbledon White sprayed over it, but why not have a little fun with it first? You can find this Fastback GT here on eBay in Bellflower, California with a current bid of $15,200.

With 40 bids, clearly the need for rust repair and paint work isn’t deterring anyone from wanting this Mustang. I’m sure the bidding activity is being driven by the fact that it’s an unrestored Fastback GT with its original 302 V8. It looks like the seller has tracked the car’s history back to its original owner, so it shouldn’t be too hard to verify its originality.

The interior is surprisingly nice considering how the outside looks. It’s going to need work, but you would think it would be in even worse condition given how sun baked and worn the exterior is. The fact that it’s a Mustang means it won’t be all that difficult to restore the interior or even all that expensive.

This looks like a great find, although I’d prefer to have a manual in it. The C4 is a good transmission though and would still be fun. I’m sure there will be a few people that will be upset with me for suggesting that this car has perfect “patina” or that it should be left as is, but think how awesome it would be to sort all the mechanicals, restore the interior and take it to car shows looking rough on the outside? And going this route doesn’t keep you from painting it sometime down the road. Like they say, they are only original once!


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  1. Adam Wright

    Old patina paint on a Mustang is a wonderful thing, I’ll never paint mine.

  2. Mike

    In all that’s holly and in the name of Steve McQueen I’d paint it highland green , source a HP390 and top loader four speed .

  3. Jim

    When did rust become “patina”. Did I miss something ? You’ll be replacing all the usual panels, this is not a rust free survivor.

    • Steve R

      A good question would be, how did a New Jersey car wind up with black 1960’s California plates. The sellers says it came west at some point in its life, he also doesn’t say it was originally a California car. However, his location and the plates leaves that impression.

      Steve R

      • J Paul Member

        This can be explained from the Ebay ad (in small text all the way at the end, so it’s easy to miss): “Plates not to go along with sale as they are for show only”. Used CA plates are pretty easy to source from flea markets and antique fares, I’ve seen lots of vendors selling them.

  4. boxdin

    Something is wrong here. GT has a 4 speed and the GTA is the AT. Why is it a GT w an AT?

    • Moxman

      You’re absolutely right! The GT in 67-68 was supposed to equipped with the 390 4 barrel engine and a 4 speed. The GTA was the same engine with a C6 automatic trans. I also noticed that the tailpipe tips ARE the correct ones for the 390 engine. So…someone has taken the 390 out and put in a 302…and apparently, removed the 4 speed and put in a C4. Once again, buyer beware! This car appears to be something other than the genuine article.

      • Moxman

        After reading the Marti report, I stand corrected. This car is optioned with the “GT equipment group,” which explains the GT logos on the front fenders and the quad exhaust tips…and whatever else came with that package. Everything except the 390 engine! I was not aware of that option. But it is a 302 with a 4 barrel carb, which is pretty cool.

      • CATHOUSE

        We have been down this road in the past with other Mustangs featured here on BF. For the Mustang the GT option did not mean that the car had to have the big block 390. Plenty of them were built with a small block 289/302 depending upon which year the car is.

      • Tenspeed

        GTA was a 67 only option on Mustangs and Fairlanes. Not available in 68.

  5. Gbauer

    Too bad this is 2 years too early for me. I plan on doing a 68 or 69 with a Coyote and 6 speed swap. I have the engine and trans in my 2014 GT right now (it’s my daily driver for the next 2-3 years)…

  6. Dan

    Why would you want to drive around in a beat up car that looks bad when you could make it look nice?

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Well besides the cost of paint these days, which will easily set you back $10k, there’s something eye catching about a beat up old Mustang. Yes, it would be eye catching repainted, but not nearly as dramatic as it is right now. I’m not saying I wouldn’t paint it eventually, I just think it would be fun to take it to car shows and park it next to the overly restored Mustangs just to see their owner’s reactions. It’s all in good fun and since you have to fix rust anyways, why not have a little fun with it as is first?

      • Shawn’Patrick McCloskey

        Hey Josh my dad and I are looking to fix up a 1968 mustang and I see you have one here and maybe I didn’t it but I would like to know the price please and thank you.

        From Shawn’Patrick

  7. J Paul Member

    The Ebay ad has a Marti Report that states this as an original 302/automatic car.

    • Rick Gaskill

      The eBay ad shows the J code on the VIN plate. It came with a 302.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I had a ’68 GT similar to this one, only an Aqua Blue color. Mine had the 390 motor which actually went quite well. Not a good car to service though. It had 30K miles on it when I bought it and one of the first things I did was to tune it up. Apparently that was never done properly as it had (2) Autolite plugs that were different heat ranges than were required. The other one (down under the master cylinder) was a Champion that wasn’t designed to go in any Ford application whatsoever. It ran better after the tuneup but the valves still clattered. The guides were so loose that if you poured oil in while it was running, it would billow clouds of blue smoke out of the exhaust. New guides and valves and it was very different. I might add that I went aftermarket instead of Ford OEM and it seemed to work. I never had another problem with the valve train and neither did the guy I sold it to. I liked the car but I doubt if I’d ever want another one; I had my fun and frolics with this one…

  9. Reid Hall

    I good example of a original car that needs to be restored back to it’s original glory. This is by no means Shelby or the now famous Eleanor clone.I can see this car being the everyday Steve McQueen version. To bad l remember seeing good cars more often over the years. Please somebody buy this car.Okay a little high at 15-16k,but l would definitely consider buying this car at say 1k-10k.

  10. Chuck Cobb

    Had a 67 GT coupe that had 289/4v, 4 speed back in 1970. I always felt the 390 was a heavy lump on the front wheels, SBF was better balanced. I still haven’t figured out why people want their vehicles to look like rusty junk, fix the body and repaint it.

  11. redwagon

    Every seam has rust! Sorry I think this one is going to be way more body work than expected. Pity bc the colors and the smaller 302 are a nice change from green, big block, bullet cars.

  12. Jay E.

    There is “Patina” and then there is just crappy paint. I like a car that shows its age, but not to this point where it looks like neglect. But I do understand it would be nice to be able to drive in the rain or down a dirt road and not think you had to wash the car every time you park it.

  13. Rob S.

    For the love of pete! This is not patina! This is beat up, bent bumper and beat up then hammered out quarter panel. BIG DIFFERENCE!! This needs a total fix up! Nice car to start with. I would be embarrassed to to park this next a nicely restored 68. Not a big deal, a small block car. Not like it’s a big block shelby. Would be worth more and be better on the eye fixed up!!

  14. Jubjub

    This isn’t patina it’s just plain rough. I do like it, a perfect example of what a Mustang should be. It would be great with some love, work, time and dollars. Hopefully it doesn’t end up another Eleanor.

  15. Keith

    It’s up over $18k now and will surely go over $20k. Have fun tearing it all down and fixing all that rust new buyer (or at least replacing virtually every panel on this thing). And if it’s really from Jersey trust me there’s plenty of rust that you aren’t seeing in the pics.

  16. boxdin

    For this kind of money one can buy a new mustang fastback body from dynacorn and just transfer the vin tag. Save yourself some grief.

  17. Mike W H

    Judging from the engine compartment, this car appears to have been in a flood. Hurricane Sandy survivor?

  18. Paul

    In 1975 you wouldn’t pay $50 for one with this much “patina” I have seen cars with much less patina being picked over in junk yards. If the public only knew back then…….

    • Jim

      There are a couple of stocks you could have bought back in 1975 that would have made you a wealthy man as well.

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