Pile Of Parts: 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible Project

Everyone has heard of TMI, Too Much Information. When it comes to cars-for-sale posts on Craigslist, the opposite is often the case. The seller says the body of this ’54 Chevy is in good condition. Interested parties will have to go look for themselves. You sure can’t verify that by looking at the pictures. You can barely verify that the car exists. The good news is the car is located in the sunny Tampa, Florida area, so a trip to view the car could double as a vacation. This 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible is listed here on Craigslist for $18,000 or best offer.

I can understand not moving the car out of the garage. It’s not a roller. But leaving a sheet of plywood leaned against it and cardboard piled on top. Come on. That makes me wonder if it was a spur of the moment decision to take pictures and post the ad. Nevertheless, for those interested in such a project, it is worthy of further investigation. The seller states that he started the restoration 25 years ago. A word to the wise: after taking a car apart, you are not halfway done with the restoration. You’ve just started. It is very easy to become overwhelmed if not equipped with the skills, time, and resources to complete the project. 

For those interested in a stock 1954 Chevrolet convertible, this project seems impractical to me. A restored one could be bought for less than the cost to build this one. Even if you got this car for free, the cost of restoring it could still exceed to cost of buying one already done. I see this as a street machine project. It could be built as a nice street machine for around the cost of a restoration and would probably be worth more in the end. The price of $18,000 is pretty lofty in my opinion. It isn’t a Tri-Five. I’d be surprised if the seller gets anywhere near that. But you know what they say, you can’t go up but you can always come down. What do the readers think?

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  1. JerryDeeWrench

    Only takes one buyer. I think he is in never never land. Good luck seller.

  2. Classic Steel

    Is that the addition ass on to the garage ?

    Good to stage the car to sell as it will almost sell itself 😜

    The primer is never used to hide Bondo right?

  3. Miguel

    What is one of these worth when done?

    There isn’t anywhere close of a following for this car that the tri-fives have.

    I wonder if there is a buyer out there for this.

  4. Gaspumpchas

    I’m amazed to see all the stuff covering the car. There is so much junk and plywood looks like he intentionally put it there to hide something. Would be cool with a mustang 2 front end and small block. 348 fits nicely also. Too much $$$

    Good luck…

  5. Fred H

    It would take a week to clear the junk away >)))

  6. Andy

    I guess I just don’t understand. Someone wants to sell a car for $18k and they can’t be bothered to move the crap out of the way?

    I think it’s worth what the seller thinks it’s really worth which obviously isn’t that much.

  7. Mike

    I don’t believe it. He removed the junk and dropped the price $3k!

    • Classic Steel

      Probably the wife removed it to get the garage space back 😊👀😜

      If it doesn’t sell next she will bolt the fenders up and put a new soft top on or to get it out of there

  8. Rex Kahrs Member

    The car presents worse now that it’s been uncovered. And trust me Bobby, this isn’t the time of year to come to Tampa.

  9. Uncle Bob

    Ad data at the bottom shows that buyers have been staying away for over 2 months.

  10. ben

    The big thing that puts me off is the somewhat square rear quarter panel opening. This screams amateur body work at its worst.

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