Plaid Brougham: 1977 Dodge Monaco

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If a Cordoba creates just too much envy and unwanted attention in your neighborhood, then try on this 1977 Dodge Monaco Brougham. It might look like Rosco P. Coltrane’s pursuit car in the front, but it is all personal luxury from the doors on back. Find this rust free blue and white beauty in Austin, TX for $5,500 here on craigslist or saved here.

B-Body Mopars still seem to be everywhere. In the ‘70s, you had to keep score of names and hierarchy to figure out if you were in a base model or a downsized top of the line. Coronet’s, Charger’s, Charger SE’s, Satellites, Monaco’s, Road Runner’s, Fury’s, Cordoba’s, Magnum’s and more all wore similar sheet metal and shared engineering and engines during that turbulent decade for Chrysler. When the final full size C-Bodies were retired, the B-Bodies took over that role, even though they were never quite big enough.

This Monaco Brougham is nicely decked out for a Dodge in 1977. 360 V8 sans the Lean Burn, AC, signature Mopar reverse Canopy vinyl roof, deluxe wire hubcaps, color keyed side trim, bumper moldings, cruise, split reclining bench covered in Winston plaid cloth, dual chrome mirrors, and fender mounted turn signal repeaters. The mechanicals on these were made for many years and parts are still plentiful. Torsion bar front suspension, rear leaf springs, small block, TorqueFlight automatic, all pieces Mopar was famous, or infamous, for.

This example looks amazing and makes the claimed 33K original miles easy to believe. The white paint and blue vinyl roof look mint, the oh-so ‘70s plaid upholstery on the seats and doors looks stain and rip free, and the dash and carpets look factory fresh. The only real flaws seem to be under the hood, where the original air cleaner has paint flake and everything looks a little bit dusty. Nothing a weekend of detailing couldn’t fix.

Today’s manufacturers could learn a thing or two from this unique interior. Carpet on the doors, real metal touches, cushy seats, and an actual color other than grey or beige! Though this model won’t be chasing the Duke boys, a clean original car is always a fun find. What do you think of this forgotten model? Would you buy a new car with a plaid interior?

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  1. redsresto

    I think I want this car because of the interior. Good luck beating that at Cars and Coffee…

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  2. Christopher Wenz

    This car is not a crack pipe. Steep price but that interior is the price of admission. Good luck replacing that fabric. If you have the scratch and storage then proceed. Pebble Beach 15 years from now.

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  3. SAM61

    Like it…that blue plaid puts the brown plaid in our family’s “76 Matador Coupe to shame.

    Can anyone identify the clan for that plaid…maybe the car was owned by a Scot Lad grocery store manager?

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  4. Rock OnMember
  5. RoKo

    The interior was so cool, Herb Tarlek had a suit made out of the fabric.
    Seriously though, the interior beats the boring gray/taupe/charcoal choices we’re stuck with these days.

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  6. Nova Scotian

    Man, the weight of this car shows in its exterior proportions. Bloated. Dig the “bag bars” on the seats, lol. That’s a time when cars were given nicknames names like “Bertha”, or contradictory ones like “Miss Barbie”. Lol. Either way I could cruise around in this hunk of a car every now and then. …let me call him …” Peter the Plad”….that’ll do just fine.

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  7. Metoo

    It must just be a matter of taste, but I think the interior is God awful. Still, I love land yachts like this.

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  8. Jody

    Tint the windows, put some old school cragars on it,and drive the brakes off of it! lol

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  9. Joe Haska

    I don’t ever remember seeing a Mopar with this interior. If it was feasible, I would buy this car, lots of miles left, no one else has one, it would just be a fun driver and easy to start a conversation, everyone would want to share their opinion of the interior, like it or not.

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    • Roger

      A few years ago I saw a car just like this near where I lived in Ohio,didn’t think I would ever see one again like it,maybe it made its way south though.

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  10. Randy

    That in-line heater shut-off valve doesn’t look stock to me. Must get hot in Texas or Ohio!

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  11. bob

    neat car used to worknon these units with 440 4 barrel power cars

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  12. Pete Kaczmarski

    Give me my ’79 Magnum GT…T-tops and E-58 Police Package

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    • Greg

      That Magnum is awesome! It’s just a matter of time these’ll be up there in price like the late 60s early 70s Mopars.

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  13. Alex

    I have about 15 of these style cars sitting in my yard now. Probably had 10 others that aren’t around now. I have never seen interior like this one has.

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  14. Danton J A Cardoso

    Of course I’d buy a new car with plaid interior, a Volkswagen GTi.

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  15. Gavin Smith

    The company I worked for in the 70’s had a fleet of variants of this car. One had Dodge Coronet on one side and Plymouth Fury on the other with a Dodge badge on the dash. The secret to enjoying these cars was the 360. Powerful and surprisingly economical to drive the biggest drawback was the less than crisp steering which you got used to. They handled surprisingly well.

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  16. Dave

    I had a ’75 Road Runner ( same body style) 360 ran well, but did not come close to an earlier RR for performance. Mine was perfect, but no one around here had any interest when I sold it 5 years ago. Went to someone out of state for 11k.

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  17. Dave

    another shot of my RR

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  18. Melvin Burwell

    My godfather had one of these cars back in the day. Same year. 318 c.i. no plaid interior. Comfortable car. 360 would be better. Went to nfl games in this car. Good buy.

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  19. Ryan Shanahan

    Did anyone ever use the door mounted ash trays? How awkward is that design…

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