Prepped For Paint: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

It amazes me how often we come across finds that were parked because the owner planned on painting it, got it pulled apart and then never managed to finish the project. That’s the case with this Trans A. The previous owner decided to paint it, pulled it apart and prepped it for paint, but then never finished the job. It’s been sitting for the past 12 years and is going to need to be finished. The original 400 cui V8 is present, as is the transmission. Strapped everything back on and go or finish the prep work and get it painted up. Find it here on eBay in¬†Dewy Rose, Georgia with a current bid of $3,500.

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  1. Big Al
  2. Barry Klotz

    if only this was a 72″ . i love to own it. this one’s still not bad looking.

  3. glen

    No link!

  4. fish56

    from the ebay listing, eBay item number:292281032542

    “Low mileage one owner southern car. I bought it from a dealer who bought it from the original owner 12 years ago.”

    Another one of those 3 owner, 1 owner cars

    • jwinters

      I bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy who’s brother was the original owner and had given it to him. so its a one owner car.

      • Elrod

        “We didn’t count the pizza delivery guy who left a 10 dollar deposit using 2FER coupons… they were expired.”

  5. Mr. Bond

    Interesting that there are no drive belts on the engine. Really good looking underside!

  6. Oingo

    I can’t stand gold or tan but if it sells for anything less than 8K somebody is on the updside.

  7. Tyler

    Some things seem off about this car. For one, it looks like the cowl tag has been off, at least I have never seen one that was bolted on instead of riveted. Second, why is the panel between the rear glass & trunk lid missing? Was there extensive rust in that area that had to be repaired? If so, what else is lurking in there? And how in the world can they call it a one owner car? Maybe I’m wrong, but I do believe the seller is hoping a sucker comes along…

  8. Ben

    Previous owner has not deleted his Craigslist post yet.


    Flipper city. One of these cars that will keep being sold over and over.


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