Reader Update: Torino Getting Stripped


You may remember this Torino GT because it was once a Barn Finds project car. The new owner, Tom, has been very busy prepping it for paint and is happy to report that the body really is rust-free. These photos were taken a little while ago, so it might even be sporting shiny new paint by now. It will be fun to see the transformation. Let’s just hope Tom ditches that dealer installed side trim. It probably contributed the straightness of the car, but it always bugged me. Please keep us updated Tom and if any of you have project updates to share, please send them in!

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  1. James

    nice to see hes not hanging about with it and hope to see more updates.. well done Tom!!

  2. jim s

    looks like he is putting a lot of work into it. glad it is rust free. i hope we get more updates. thanks

  3. Charles

    It does look like a nice straight car! It will be cool to follow his progress.

  4. Woodie Man

    yikes. Relax dude

  5. Mark S Member

    NO RUST??? Why take it down that far, all it needed was a repaint. I see a stalled project in the making.

  6. OhU8one2

    I think Bill your way out of line. There was NO reason for you to make that comment. So go have your tantrum somewhere else and grow up. I would have given you the heave ho,bar room style. Geez, there’s always one.

  7. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Wow! Nothing on this site has ever merited that type of reaction!!! I hope the “Censors” are able to make sure that reactions such as that don’t rain on everyone else’s day.
    I genuinely hope that Tom keeps the pics coming! That car, I have a feeling, is going to be the ultimate “sleeper”! Looks good and goes fast – what more do you need?!?

  8. John

    Who sprinkled the bitchy dust??? Nice car with thorough work! Good job!👍

    • Charles

      Does it require special dust? I figured that some people are born that way. I look forward to watching the progress and seeing the finished product.

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