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Super Buick: 1953 Buick Super Convertible

Buick front 3

This is a car I would really like to own. Early fifties cars of all makes really appeal to me, and this Buick Super presses all my buttons. According to the ad here on craigslist, this car, located in Warrensburg, New York (near Albany), has been off the road and in storage since 1967. It is showing just under 64,000 miles on the odometer, and appears to have its original paint intact. It would be great to see this car back on the road. The price is firm at $5,500.

Buick Front 2

Admittedly, there is rust in the rockers and particularly in the floor and trunk, but the owner offers a large number of very clear photos that really document what you need to know about this car. He’s owned it for 12 years and is ready to pass it on to a new owner, along with a cache of original and NOS parts he has been collecting in preparation for a restoration that has never materialized.

Buick rear 3

The Super’s owner states that the engine turns over, the car has no brakes, the interior is intact (though based on the pictures, it will need the interior completely redone), doors close properly, and the car is basically “straight.” He knows the history of the car since the 1960’s (you have to wonder….)


It’s easy to see that this Buick will need a complete restoration, but with only 6,701 Super convertibles manufactured, this car is well worth the effort and cost to save and redo. Some might want to resto-mod or even do this car as a full on custom, but I think this year Buick is absolutely stunning in stock form and really deserves to be restored.

Buick floor

I wish there was a way to save the look of that original paint, and maybe that could actually be done. The bumpers, chrome trim and dashboard all look very good.

Buick dash

There is plenty of work here to get this car back on the road in any form, doubtless hidden rust, rebuilding the engine, and a complete new interior, but when complete, however it is done, you will have a rare and beautiful example of early fifties General Motors handiwork.

Buick engine1

The Super was Buick’s midline model, introduced originally in 1940 as the 50 series, sharing the larger body of the Roadmaster with the smaller engine of the Century series. Over the years, the Series 50 maintained its position in the Buick hierarchy; in 1953 the Super shared the Roadmaster’s new “Nailhead” V8 and, for this year the three Buick lines shared the same wheelbase.

Buick trunk

The Super featured a horizontal trim bar on its rear fenders that differentiated it from the Series 70 Roadmasters and in addition the Super had only three VentiPorts on each front fender. Full wheel-covers were standard and the “V” in the bomb-sight hood ornament showed off what was under the hood.

Buick speedo

Interiors were nylon and broadcloth. Interestingly, the convertible now featured power windows, seat and top and the Dynaflow transmission all as standard equipment, with the rarely ordered air conditioning an option.

Buick frame

Overall, the Super was a popular model for Buick, accounting for more than 190,000 units sold out of the total for 1953 of 488,805 units sold.

Buick stuff

Buick kept the Super designation through 1958, after which Buick revamped its model designations completely.


I have a feeling that at $5,500, complete, and with extra parts thrown in, unless there is extensive rust in the frame, this desirable beauty will be brought back to life in the near future under new ownership.


  1. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    I agree. This seems like a fair price for what it is, and what it is is a really cool car!

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  2. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    body mounts appear to be in good condition, compared to some I’ve seen. I get the feeling that the floor rust is from the under seat heater cores leaking. I feel that much of the paint could be salvaged by buffing. The asking price and all the extra items including New Old Stock make the asking price very fair. The car definitely needs to be saved and restored.

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  3. Avatar photo Sam Black Church

    Now that’s an automobile! At this point deserves nothing less than a full restoration to stock spec. Hopefully it’s time has come.

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  4. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Now THAT is a real, true, bona fide BARN FIND! Not some flimsy ten-year-old foreign car, but a real automobile – in marvelous, unrestored, unmolested condition. Where can you get something half as nice for five grand?

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  5. Avatar photo Dan h

    Very fair price. Yes it will cost bucks to restore but in the end well worth the effort.

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  6. Avatar photo Mark S

    You gotta love the early fifties cars this one is no exception, like most drop tops the water has been on the inside. This one is going to need to spend quite a bit of time in the fabrication shop getting new metal, floor pans and trunk floors at the very least. The Buicks of this era were top quality and this one is good candidate for a full on restoration, and will be a beautiful car when done.

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  7. Avatar photo EmmyJ

    Slightly off-topic but: whatever was in that box in the trunk must have weighed a pretty penny, with that many stamps on it!

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    Skip me! Over priced and over rotted…

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  9. Avatar photo Chuck F 55chevy

    Definitely under priced, I would sell so many of my projects for that one, I bet it doesn’t last long. Where’s a less rotted one for $5,500?

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  10. Avatar photo Brad

    I think it’d be amazing to find a donor coupe, remove the roof and create a one-of-a-kind removable hardtop for this. I guess that’s my chilly, midwest sensibilities talking. Year-round fun.

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  11. Avatar photo Carsofchaos

    Anyone else notice the power windows? On a convertible in 1953…that’s a rare option.

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    • Avatar photo Ronny

      My 1950 Monarch convertible had power windows and power seat…..and of course power top!!

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    • Avatar photo Gord

      Power windows were hydraulic power. The cylinders leaked and did save the bottom of the doors rusting. I have a 53 caddy with this option. Had power anttena that was vacuum operated.

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  12. Avatar photo Speedo

    My ’53 Roadmaster Conv has power windows, power seat, foot control radio, PS, and PB. Many top of the line Packards and GM had Power Windows in the early ’40s. :)

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  13. Avatar photo John Deebank

    My 1956 Buick had the starter motor under the gas pedal. What other yrs. of buicks had that ? Anyone?

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    • Avatar photo Ron

      Our family 1941 Buick Special sedanette was similarly equipped.

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  14. Avatar photo Duffy

    Did this vehicle get sold?

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  15. Avatar photo Chuck

    Is the convertible top salvageable :)

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