Alternative Energy: Coal Gas Powered 1931 Ford Model A

On June 22, 1940, the unthinkable happened to the people of France.  It was on that date that the French government under Marshal Henri Petain signed an armistice with Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.  Before long over half of… more»

60’s-Era Hot Rod: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Back in the early 1960’s, this was one of countless 1932 Fords that were modified into hot rods. The 3-Window and 5-Window “Deuce Coupes” (a nickname based on the second number of the model year) have long been the… more»

Garage Find: 1932 Packard Model 902 Convertible

While it may seem improbable to us, many people have no real idea of the value of collectible vehicles.  These folks also struggle with marketing them when faced with the prospect of selling one falls into their laps.  Take… more»

Barn Collapse Find: 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Sedan

Even Captain Obvious knows that we love barn finds here at Barn Finds.  However, we do have some preferences.  Looking at the picture above, we wish that this barn find hadn’t been found under the barn.  It seems that… more»

Impressive Originality: 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe

Many times in old car sales ads you’ll see: “It’s getting harder and harder to find an unmolested original survivor like this one.” But, when it’s used to describe a 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe, it’s not false advertising at… more»

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