1933 Ford

Unintended Deceleration: 1933 Ford Woodie Wagon

As automobile-obsessed Americans, we deal with fender benders regularly, mostly involving late-model vehicles.  However, sometimes disaster strikes the collectible and classic cars that we love.  What happens to those vehicles when the damage is not easy to repair at… more»

Fifties Hot Rod Stored 52 Years: 1933 Ford Five Window Coupe

You could argue that many of us frequent Barn Finds because the vehicles here remind us of our past and the fondness that hindsight bestows upon our memories.  The sad thing is that as much as we would like… more»

Using Original Henry Steel: 1933 Ford Roadster

One of the major bragging points for hot rod builders is to craft your masterpiece from an original prewar Ford.  While antique Ford lovers are left aghast, “original Henry steel” cars always have a much higher sale price than… more»

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