Mostly Original, Needs Upholstery: 1937 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Ford had a lot going for it in the period between 1932 through 1940.  Not only did the brand have one of the best engines in the low-price field, but the styling through these years was incredible.  Their most… more»

Tucked Away on a Kansas Farm: 1937 International Harvester D2 Pickup

It does my heart good (as we say here in the South) to see a rescued, pre-war, non-Big Three pickup like this one. Ain’t she a beaut? Just look at that cool front end with the Art Deco grille… more»

Two Zephyr Deal: 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan and Parts Car

Amid the Great Depression, the management of the Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company took an incredible risk.  With sales of the hand-built Model K lagging, Edsel Ford and his team designed and built one of the most… more»

Elegance and Speed for Two: 1937 Packard 1507 V-12 Coupe

One of the greatest losses in the American automobile market is the eventual disappearance of Packard as an automaker.  Up until the time that the company fell into the clutches of Studebaker, its products were always a notch above… more»

Another Possible Prewar Bargain: 1937 Cadillac Series 60 Coupe

Over the past few weeks more than a few prewar cars have appeared on Barn Finds with either low prices or bidding on them never reaches what we all assume were market prices.  Is this a sign of a… more»

Packing a Mini-Flathead: 1937 Ford Coupe

Henry Ford was one of the few early automotive pioneers who understood that standardization was a way to reduce costs across the board.  His most famous feat in this regard was painting every Model T black for a period… more»

Barn Find Dust Returns: 1937 Oldsmobile Coupe

Not so long ago, in a galaxy you currently reside in, barn dust magically added thousands of dollars to the price of any vintage automobile.  The trend was so prevalent that more unscrupulous sellers were purposely dirtying up cars… more»

Coveted and Complicated: 1937 Cord Beverly Sedan

In the hierarchy of collectible automobiles, few makes are more revered than Cord.  Part of the fabled Auburn Automobile Company, Cord was the automaker’s technology leader with such innovations as front-wheel drive and hidden headlights.  Decades later, every single… more»

Immaculate Original or Older Restoration? 1937 Plymouth Coupe

We are currently in the period of time where the eighties and nineties era automobile restorations are emerging from long slumbers and being advertised as original.  This is most likely not being done as a subterfuge.  Rather, a lot… more»

Orphan Car Project: 1937 Graham Sedan

One of the side effects of the Great Depression was its forced consolidation of the automobile industry.  While there were dozens of reputable makers before the Black Thursday stock market crash in 1929, very few companies survived the financial… more»

Ice Cream Runner: 1937 Oldsmobile Tudor Sedan

As we enter June, it is obvious to even the oblivious among us that summer is here.  It won’t be long before we are looking for cool respites from the sweltering summer heat.  During the day that means ice… more»

Three 1937 DeSotos, Two Hemis, and A Truckload of Parts

The collector car hobby makes hoarders out of all of us.  The older, rarer, or more unique our vehicle is, the greater the desire becomes to hoard any part we can find.  “Just in case!” is our mantra.  What… more»

Restore or Rod It? 1937 Ford Tudor Slantback

I’ll admit, I’m more of a purist when it comes to car restorations; I guess it’s the museum archivist gene and history lover in me. But Google “1937 Ford Tudor Sedan” and see what pops up on the Images… more»

V8 Powered! 1937 Packard Super Eight Sedan

You can’t always tell a book (or in this case a 1937 Packard) by its cover. Who would’ve thought that underneath that original 85-year-old paint and interior and overall stock appearance lies a small block V8, automatic transmission, and… more»