Alfa Romeo

Italian Job: 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Getting into this write-up was harder than you could imagine because, if I might quote Jeremy Clarkson: “This is the thing you have to remember. Alfa build a car as good as a car can be… briefly”. As the… more»

Past Saving: Three Alfa Romeo Giulia Spiders

Well, we all try valiantly to defend even the saddest hulks of classic and vintage cars in hopes they can be saved, but sometimes, even the most dedicated among us have to wave the white flag. I have certainly… more»

Track Car? 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

The seller of this 1979 Alfa Romeo GTV states, “I’m selling as a ‘not for the road track car’”.  The visuals are confusing with the “Polizia” banners displayed across both quarters – is this supposed to be a track… more»

Parts Donor? 1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint

It’s one of Alfa-Romeo’s top drawer cars but at this point, this 1965 Alfa looks more like an archeological dig. There’s some confusion as to its model year, the title claims it’s a 1966 model but the seller thinks… more»

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce Project

Beauty is subjective. Ask ten different people, “what is the most beautiful car ever made,” and you’ll likely get ten different answers. From the early Bugattis and the Auburn speedsters, to the iconic Detroit offerings of the Fifties, through… more»

No Reserve: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV

This 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV is offered up with no reserve and the auction ending Monday. It’s a decent-looking example and one that will even run on occasion if you click your heels three times and hit it on… more»

Recreation Porsche 904: Fierro 600 Kit Car

Sometimes, when a kit car shows up, the seller is very quick to point out how rare it is. To some extent, they’re never wrong: kit cars may be recognizable, but don’t confuse that with being mass-produced. Of course,… more»

Daily Driver Italian: 1979 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce

There’s a whole untapped legion of interesting enthusiast cars that fly beneath the radar, or too close to models that came before or after and proved to be far more popular. This 1979 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce is a… more»

Buy in Bulk? Alfa Romeo Collection

Buying in bulk can sometimes make sense when dealing with obsolete or otherwise limited-production models, but the likes of the Alfa Romeo Spider really aren’t that hard to find if you’re looking for a basic project. The seller has… more»

Best Offer Garage Find: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia

It’s rare to find a good deal anywhere in the vintage sports car marketplace, but this garage find 1967 Alfa Romeo Guilia may be one of the first we’ve seen in a while. The seller claims it belongs to… more»

The One To Buy: 1977 Alfa Spider

If you are an Alfa Spider fan, there are plenty of cars to choose from, mainly due to the long production period (1966-94) and popularity (~124,000 produced) of the 105/115 series. I’m not saying that the 1977 model is… more»

42K Original Miles: 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

I haven’t exactly over-shared this, but I picked up an Alfa Romeo project over the summer, and it’s similar to this car shown here. Mine is a 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde, which had an upgraded 3.0L “Busso” V6… more»

Alfas In The Woods: Alfa Romeo GTV, Giulietta, & Spider!

Many of us have a problem with acquiring too many vehicles (or is that just me?) That being said, even when the numbers get a bit on the silly side, I usually cut vehicles loose when I lose all… more»

No Reserve Boattail: 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider

This 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider is a desirable Duetto model, otherwise known as a “boat tail” and far more sought after than the later models that litter classified sites everywhere you look. The earlier models were far prettier, and… more»

No Reserve Roadster: 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

We’ve had a run of Alfa Romeo Spiders popping up for sale as of late, a trend I attribute to both the model’s generous production numbers and the ongoing popularity of vehicles from the 1980s. If you’re looking to… more»

Only 37K Miles: 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Clean Alfa Romeo Spiders remain one of the biggest bargains of the classic sportscar world. You can find them all day long in average condition for under $10,000, but a few dollars more tends to get you a much… more»