Sold in Stores: 1952 Allstate Henry J

Perhaps one of the more unusual chapters in the American automobile industry is when Sears attempted to sell automobiles. Not service them or even accept trade-ins, but just to move product off the books as if it were a… more»

Vespas! One’s Just Not Enough

As readers of Barn Finds many of you know and understand that one may not be enough. Peter Maas has turned his passion into a business as seen on YouTube. Today we are sharing three examples of the 1964 Allstate… more»

1969 Allstate 250: Motorcycle Monday

As they say, variety is the spice of life. We’ve had everything from British sports cars to American built hot rods on the site today, so when Ranger Herb sent in this Puch built Allstate 250 motorcycle, I thought… more»

It’s Been In Good Hands: 1953 Allstate

Did you know that Sears & Roebuck sold cars at one point? Allstates were offered through the famous Sears catalog in the early 1950’s. It wasn’t the first time Sears had sold cars; they sold high-wheelers in the early… more»