Engine Out: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V Project

Sunbeam’s Alpine nameplate was recycled over the course of more than two decades, putting thousands of Alpines of one sort or another on the roads. The first of these descended from the Sunbeam-Talbot saloon and was famous for its… more»

In the Woods: 1968 Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam Alpine was an English 2-seat sports car built on two occasions by Roots Group, from 1953 to 1955 and then from 1959 to 1968. The car may have become most visible to U.S. buyers from its appearance… more»

French Sports Car: 1988 Alpine Renault 2.5 GTA Turbo

Every now and again, a car shows up on our shores that is rare practically everywhere, but especially so in our fair country. This 1988 Alpine Renault 2.5 GTA Turbo is such a car, as it was produced in… more»

Mexican Alpine: 1965 Dinalpin A110

These days, it’s rare to find anything approaching a “deal” in the vintage car space. Almost any older car or truck worth owning has been on a run value-wise, with some vehicles rocketing higher and others simply on a… more»

Stash of Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers!

Some auto collectors migrate to a specific kind of vehicle, such as pony cars. Others to a specific type of automobile, like muscle cars. And there are the ones who want as many of a specific make of car… more»

Supreme Example! 1962 Willys Interlagos

Stunning and smartly refreshed with a mixture of retained original and new parts, this 1962 Willy Interlagos makes a rare American offering as it comes to market here on Barnfinds classifieds. The Costa Mesa, California classic comes from the… more»

Affordable British Project: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine

Choosing the right car as a project candidate can be a battle. Buyers need to balance what they can afford against what they are capable of restoring. That’s where cars like this 1967 Sunbeam Alpine fit into the equation…. more»

Donor Car: 1961 Sunbeam Alpine Series II

Sellers willing to admit that the heap of metal they want to offload is a parts car are a refreshing shift from owners who tell us their pile of rust is worth a boatload of bucks (see: Bronco, Charger… more»

Glamorous Brit: 1954 Sunbeam Alpine

Like many car manufacturers of the early 1900s, Sunbeam’s history is a blurred continuum of several makers melding over time: Clement-Talbot was the original predecessor, but Sunbeam was also combined with Rootes Group in the 1930s and later labeled… more»

Shed Find: 1962 Sunbeam Alpine

An honest  shed find with a price that’s hard to beat, this 1962 Sunbeam Alpine is advertised here on Facebook Marketplace. Located in Coolville, Ohio, and with an asking price of just $500, it’s hard to see how an… more»

Super Clean Roadster! 1963 Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam Alpine was a 2-seat British sports car produced by the Rootes Group from 1953-55 and again in 1959-68. The seller’s car is either a Series II or Series III model depending on when it was built in… more»

Two for One: 1966 and 1964 Sunbeam Alpines

Two cars for one price! These Sunbeam Alpines, one a 1966 and the other a 1964, are located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and advertised here on Craigslist. $5,500 takes the pair home. Many thanks to Chuck Foster for the tip!

Finishing Touches Required: 1963 Sunbeam Alpine

Some people hesitate to take on an unfinished restoration project. This attitude is easy to understand because sometimes such projects will house some nasty hidden secrets. That doesn’t appear to be the case with this 1963 Sunbeam Alpine. The… more»

Garage Find: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

Finding a classic car that has been parked for an extended period due to ill health can be heartbreaking. When the vehicle is an iconic British sports car that is structurally sound and presents well, that is doubly so…. more»

Barn Finds Exclusive: 1960 Sunbeam Alpine

So you’d like a British sports car, but it’s 1960 and you’re American, so it has to have tail fins. Well, problem solved, my friend: take a look at this Barn Finds Exclusive! This 1960 Sunbeam Alpine is located… more»

Two For One Sale! 1960’s Vintage Sunbeam Alpines

It’s a BOGO (Buy One Get One!). My local supermarket does it all the time, car sellers? Not so much so. But that’s the case here, purchase a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine and a ’66 (or maybe it’s a ’67)… more»

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