American Austin

Extras Included: 1930 American Austin

This Austin looks like a major project, but these are quite rare here in the States. I’d love to have one of these little classics, but I would be tempted to build it into a lightweight special! The seller… more»

Not Gonna Use The “S Word”: 1931 American Austin

How would you like to be just the third owner of this s___ 1931 American Austin? No, I’m not going to use that “s” word! It’s up for sale here on eBay, with bidding starting at a tiny $100, but… more»

America’s First Micro?: 1928 American Austin

At first glance you could easily mistake this 1928 American Austin as a full sized Chevrolet AB or a Ford Model A, but take a closer look at the wheels and overall proportions and you’ll notice that this car… more»