American LaFrance

$2,500 1935 American LaFrance V12 Ladder Truck!

There are plenty of adults today that imagined themselves at some point during their childhood riding around in a shiny red firetruck. This 1935 American LaFrance Ladder Truck isn’t shiny, but it is red, and it is a barn… more»

Fire Truck Museum Sell-Off!

A collector of antique fire engines and related equipment has posted his stash on craigslist, announcing that it’s time to thin the herd. The listing reflects years of collecting, as it extends beyond the typical vintage fire truck apparatus… more»

Epic History! 1918 American LaFrance

How many 101-year old vehicles for sale do you know of that come with their entire history including a picture of it at the factory! That’s the case for this 1918 American LaFrance Type 12/75 fire engine which is… more»

Unrestored 1957 American LaFrance Fire Truck

The American LaFrance 800 Series was a fire-fighting appliance that was only in production from 1956 until 1958. It was an update of the 700 Series and was built and sold as a pumper only. This 1957 ALF 800… more»

Fire Fighting History: 1949 American LaFrance Pumper

Diverse is certainly a word that best describes the offerings that we see here at Barn Finds. This 1949 American LaFrance Pumper is no exception. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in… more»

Early Muscle! 1914 American LaFrance Speedster

“Engine:  Huge 6 Cyl.” Not a description we see every day. This 1914 American LaFrance Speedster likely began life as a fire engine or other work vehicle. A Duesenberg it is not, but if you fancy yourself perched atop… more»

Runs And Drives: 1920 American LaFrance Fire Truck

American LaFrance began building fire apparatus in the 1830s and continued until their demise in 2014. This truck listed on eBay in Yakama, Washington appears to be a Type 75, produced from 1915 to 1927 and one of the most popular models… more»

Out Of Fire: 1923 American LaFrance Type 32

Based on the tanks under the seat and the lack of pumping equipment, this appears to be a chemical hose wagon. Early fire trucks like this one used the pressure from a combination of chemicals, usually sulphuric acid and bicarbonate… more»

Buy Or Else: American LaFrance Firetruck

Fire trucks don’t normally ring my bells but I hate to see a good rig put out to pasture before it’s ready. The seller of this American LaFrance says he needs it gone by the 22nd – otherwise, it’s… more»