Barn Find Estate: 1954 Austin A40 Countryman

If you’re looking for an unusual project, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more eye-catching offering than a 1954 Austin A40 Countryman Estate. Located just southwest of Portland, Oregon, and offered here on Craigslist for $3,000, this British classic… more»

English Woodie! 1950 Austin A-70 Countryman

U.S. carmakers didn’t have the market to themselves for wood-bodied station wagons after World War II. British manufacturers like Austin got into the act, too, with a small wagon built on the A-70 Countryman platform. They have an unusual… more»

No Reserve: 1965 Austin Mini 850

In automotive history, a few cars could be considered landmark vehicles. Ford’s Model T is one, as is the original Volkswagen Beetle. Also falling into that category would be the Austin Mini. It was a triumph of packaging efficiency… more»

Parked in 1982: 1966 Austin Mini Moke

Sir Alec Issigonis was a man who thought outside the square. Acclaimed as the father of the original Mini, he turned his attention to a rugged and simple vehicle that he envisaged would have practical applications with the British… more»

Your Cab Is Here! 1957 Austin London Taxi

“Where to ma’am?” Imagine buying this British 1957 Austin taxicab and using it in Uber or Lyft service – that would get you some looks, and probably appreciation from unsuspecting passengers too. While more primitive than the current generation… more»

Unrivaled Collection of Postwar Austins!

A passion for old cars is usually fairly straightforward. You see the car, want the car, and then, if the stars align, buy the car. Yet here we have an opportunity that might excite interest from several different angles…. more»

Abstract Art: 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S

Art appreciation is a subjective thing. Some people will look at the Mona Lisa and see a magnificent portrait produced by an artist at the height of his powers. Others will see it as little more than a picture… more»

Farm Find Project: 1950 Austin A40 Devon

The A40 was marketed by Austin Motor Co. between 1947-52. They were the first post-war cars the company built and had a mixture of both old and new engineering. More than 450,000 of them were built in six years… more»

Pre-war Classic: 1937 Austin 10/4 Cambridge

Like many, I have a soft spot for BBC dramas, particularly the family-friendly All Creatures Great and Small. It’s nice to have a show that I can watch with the kids that doesn’t involve crime scenes or capes or… more»

Solid & Rare! 1958 Austin A40 Farina

The A40 Farina Owner’s Club thinks there are only about 400 of these cute little Pininfarina-designed cars left on the road; this car isn’t at the moment but looks like it could be with a little elbow grease. It’s… more»

Cool & Unusual Rod! 1934 Austin Bantam

This cool street rod is several degrees from the norm, and I love it! While the fiberglass ’34 Austin Bantam body isn’t that unusual, the chassis and drivetrain choices certainly are. Thanks to reader Matt R. for alerting us… more»

Assembly Required: 1948 Austin A40 Pickup

British Motor Corporation made a variety of body styles under the Austin A40 name between 1947-67. Not only did this include small automobiles, but trucks as well. The naming logic wasn’t complicated: the “A” stood for Austin and the… more»

Early US Export: 1960 Morris 850 Mini

The BMC Mini, initially available under both the Austin and Morris nameplates, was an instant hit when it arrived on the market in England in mid-1959. Exports to the US began in early 1960 where it was sold as… more»

Race Support Transporter: 1960 Austin FFK140

Old race transporters are quite possibly the best reason to buy a humongous, non-running vehicle and park it on your lawn. I can’t abide by most things that fall into this category, but transporters for racing teams are just… more»

Rare Brit: 1950 Austin A90 Atlantic Sports Saloon

European economies took many years to recover following World War II. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Britain, where food and fuel rationing remained in place long after hostilities had ceased. The government acknowledged that the country couldn’t… more»

BF AUCTION: 1935 Austin Ruby Saloon

What the Ford Model T did for Americans, the Austin Seven did for the British. The Seven was introduced in 1922, with a design that is surprisingly similar to the Model T or even the Model A. While its… more»