Pocket Rocket: 1971 Austin Mini

Sometimes you’ll look at a car and just know that driving it will cause you to issue forth with an involuntary scream. Whether it is a scream of pleasure or one of terror, really depends on the car in… more»

Diesel Swap: 1980 Austin Mini

On a global scale, the Mini and its many variations are one of the more iconic compact vehicles of all time, though safety standards barred the Mini from the United States after 1968. However, since the cute hatchback is… more»

Tipsy Gipsy: 1960 Austin Gipsy

At just under 12-feet in length, this 1960 Austin Gipsy 4×4 would get lost in a sea of gigantic SUVs on the road today. I think that this is about the perfect size for an off-road vehicle, or even… more»

EXCLUSIVE: British Barn Finds In Texas

Over the past few decades, Reader Buckey T has been collecting British Classics, although there are a few American cars in the mix as well. His collection has a little bit of everything, from Daimler sedans to a Triumph based… more»

Drive It Anywhere: 1961 Nash Metropolitan

The last year of production for the Met was 1961 and just under 1,000 of them were sold that year with the remaining cars being sold in 1962. This nice-looking 1961 Nash Metropolitan can be found here on Craigslist… more»

Free Limo! 1964 Austin 1800

If you’re not scared of taking on a complete oddball project, there’s a free Austin limousine listed on craigslist in Long Beach, California. The seller notes there’s no paperwork with the vehicle, and no VIN number, so it’s going… more»

Reader Ad: 1964 Austin Mini Countryman

Reader Dale D and the good people over at recently found this Austin Mini Countryman parked in Southern California. It’s clearly an older restoration, but after going over the mechanicals, polishing up the paint and refinishing the wood… more»

Bean Country: 1961 Austin Mini Countryman

In the famous British sitcom, Mr. Bean, the silly star drives a classic Mini Cooper. He gets himself into quite the mischief with it on many occasions. This 1961 Austin Mini Countryman with 37,000 miles can be your laugh… more»

Extreme Bargain: 1958 Austin A40

The Austin A40 “Farina” was one of the more stylish options for a small economy car in Britain in the late 1950s. We didn’t get many of them on this side of the pond, but this extreme bargain is… more»

Never Seen One: 1952 Austin A40 Pickup

While Ausitn’s A40 isn’t uncommon to see in two-door form, I can’t recall seeing too many pickups roving around. With just 40 bhp on tap, they certainly didn’t have much in the way of hauling capabilities, but I’m sure… more»

Exclusive: 1970 Austin America

If you are a fan of the Mini, but want something a bit bigger, the Austin America might be the car for you! Reader Greg L has decided it’s time to part ways with his Austin America and thought… more»

Bigfork Brit: 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Van

Bigfork, Montana is one of the last places on the planet where I would expect to see a 1970 Morris Minor 1000 van, but that’s where this nice little example is located. The seller has it posted on Craigslist… more»

50 Years In A Barn: 1952 Austin A40 Pickup

“Were you born in a barn?” Having been in a barn for 50 years this 1952 Austin A40 pickup was almost born in a barn – well, give or take a decade and a half. This super cool truck… more»

Build it Your Way: Austin Mini Panel Van Project

This is quite a project: what we’re looking at are the remains of an Austin Mini panel van, a variant of the classic Mini we see even less frequently than the Countryman. The latter has fancy wood trim and… more»

London Calling: 1967 Austin Taxi Cab

Nowadays, the classic Austin taxicab has been reinvented in modern form, proudly serving as the UK’s official means of public transit by four wheels. Well, the original is still the best recipe, in our opinion, and this classic Austin… more»

Stored for 30 Years: 1966 Austin Mini

With the proliferation of late production Minis showing up on our shores as a result of the 25 year importation rule, genuine Austin Minis are becoming more collectible by the day. This long-stored 1966 model located in Florida looks… more»