One Owner, Low Miles, No Reserve! 1979 Datsun B210 Survivor

The Datsun B210 arrived in the US in 1973, just in time for the gas crisis to sideswipe America. With its thrifty four-cylinder engine, lightweight construction, and snazzy looks, the B210 sold like hotcakes. Only a handful of compacts… more»

Genuine Antique? 1975 Datsun B210 2-Door Sedan

The term “antique” is interesting, and its definition changes depending on the object upon which it is assigned. In the automotive world, it is often acknowledged that any car over twenty-five years old qualifies, meaning there are junkyards across… more»

Sunny Sedan: 1981 Datsun B210

With the recent news of Datsun’s demise, and Nissan retiring the name for a second time, today’s find was released the first time that they retired the brand. The car was manufactured at the time of the gas crisis,… more»

40k Mile Survivor: 1975 Datsun B210

Before the 1980s, most Nissan-built cars were branded as Datsun’s, a practice that dated back to before World War II. So, the use of the Datsun name was not unique to U.S.-imported cars, which began to trickle in around… more»

38k Original Miles: 1976 Datsun B-210

When the Datsun B-210 debuted on the American market, its timing could not have been much better. With the 1973 Arab Oil Crisis being felt around the world, the little Datsun was one of the cheapest cars that the… more»

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