Nicely Restored: 1952 Beech Bonanza C-35

While I am not an aviation expert, I do have preferences when it comes to planes. Really, anything by Beechcraft is going to be right up my alley, as these just seem to be the most overly-styled planes of… more»

Dusty Hangar Find: 1963 Beechcraft Musketeer 23

Planes are a funny thing, as they’re not all that different from a Rolls-Royce or a Lincoln when discovered in barn find condition. Extremely expensive to buy new with upkeep requirements that will make your eyes water, and extremely… more»

Hangar Find: 1951 Beechcraft Bonanza

While we’re accustomed to finding a long forgotten car or truck in a barn or outbuilding, it’s not often we see a plane that’s in the same sort of neglected condition. This 1951 Beechcraft Bonanza is described as a… more»