Fins and Style! 1960 Plymouth Belvedere

Like it or not, you can’t call this 1960 Plymouth Belvedere’s styling boring. Three years after Chrysler put fins in every neighborhood with designer Virgil “X” Exner’s Forward Look designs, Plymouth’s “Stabilizers,” as they were called, rise with authority… more»

Hemi Project: 1967 Plymouth GTX Barn Find

The Plymouth GTX was considered a “gentleman’s” muscle car as it was much better equipped than the Road Runner of the day. It only had a five-year run as a standalone model before being rolled up under the “Bird.”… more»

582 Hemi Powered! 1967 Plymouth Belvedere

One look at the enormous hood scoop suggests there might be more to this 1967 Plymouth Belvedere than meets the eye. Thankfully, looks aren’t deceptive because lurking below the sleek panels and sparkling paint is a Hemi that promises… more»

The Perfect Daily Driver? 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II

The seller of this 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II believes his car is the perfect daily driver, so if it’s an original baked patina appearance you’re longing for, he just might be correct.  This one’s described as a turn-key Mopar… more»

Christine II: 1959 Plymouth Belvedere

To promote its stylish new cars in 1957, Plymouth’s advertising proclaimed, “Suddenly, It’s 1960!”. That would explain the futuristic appearance of automobiles like the Belvedere, but 1960 didn’t seem that far away. Especially by the time the 1959 models… more»

Original 361: 1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Plymouth produced many interesting cars during the 1960s, with models like the GTX and Barracuda that were extroverted and dazzling. The 1962 Belvedere was more subtle and restrained, but this Plymouth hides a welcome secret. The original owner focused… more»

Storage Unit Find: 1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Here’s another “ran when parked” story, starring this 1963 Plymouth Belvedere here on eBay, bid to $2600 with no reserve. Journey with your trailer to Bellingham, Washington to fish this example out of the seller’s storage unit. The Belvedere… more»

Restore or Tribute? 1958 Plymouth Belvedere Hardtop

Although the titular vehicle in the iconic 1983 film “Christine” is identified as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, few people realize that producer John Carpenter also utilized Belvederes and Savoys to create the seventeen cars used during filming. Despite the… more»

19k Original Miles: 1969 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan

Sometimes, a classic car doesn’t need all the bells and whistles or neck-snapping performance to be appealing. Simplicity, practicality, and affordability can be prime considerations for an enthusiast on a budget, which is where cars like this 1969 Plymouth… more»

Original 383! 1963 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

Owning a Station Wagon often means striking a compromise between practicality and performance, but must that always be the case? The answer is a resounding “no” if the Wagon is this 1963 Plymouth Belvedere. Its interior offers enough space… more»

37k Miles! 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II

Sometimes when we follow up on leads submitted by our readers, a beautiful vehicle emerges that seems to be everything the seller says it is but with literally no documentation to back up those claims.  That’s sort of the… more»

9-Seat Patina Wagon: 1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Belvedere was a Plymouth fixture from 1954 through 1970. It was a full-size car at first before becoming a mid-side model in 1965. Sandwiched between the Savoy and Fury lineup in 1962, it was downsized with the rest of… more»

Field Find: 1967 Plymouth GTX 440 Convertible

Upon its introduction in 1967, the Plymouth GTX beat the Road Runner to market by a year and later began sharing a similar appearance to the bird car in 1968.  But the 1967 model sort of has a charm… more»

Affordable Classic: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere

It almost seems inevitable that any classic falling within the affordable category will require significant restoration work. This can make an initially inexpensive purchase become a financial black hole. However, this 1967 Plymouth Belvedere could be an exception to… more»

Christine Tribute! 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

This 1958 Plymouth Belvedere looks like Christine from the 1983 horror movie of the same name. Except that the film car was a 2-door hardtop in the incorrect color and this version is a 2-door Club Sedan (pillared doors)…. more»

B-body 2 for 1: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

After a hugely successful launch in 1968, the production trajectory for the Plymouth Road Runner would peak the following year at 84,000 copies. The seller has one of those cars painted in the sought-after Hi-Impact color of Vitamin C…. more»

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