Big Black Pontiac: 1963 Pontiac Bonneville

While Pontiac has long since left us for reasons known only to General Motors, the division was once known for performance oriented automobiles.  When Bunkie Knudsen became general manager of the brand, he made performance both on the track… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

$950 Special! 1963 Bonneville Safari Wagon w/ 389

Down but not Out, this 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Safari Six-Passenger wagon walks the fine line between project and parts car. This low-budget builder resides in Great Bend, Kansas and seeks a visionary new owner  here on eBay. Listed as… more»

Super-Rare 1960 Bonneville Vista – Tri-Power 389

Union Park Pontiac of Wilmington, Delaware became synonymous with muscle-car performance, sponsoring NHRA National record-holding cars from 1959 to 1963. Union Park also sponsored the Swiss Cheese Pontiac as well as the Union Park Wagon. From that vat of… more»

Rare Combo! 1968 Pontiac Bonneville 428 Four-Speed Convertible

Whatever your opinion of this car, you have to respect a seller who says “The car has rust in most panels including the frame and floors.” After inhabiting a barn for at least 20 years, this very interesting 1968… more»

Pretty As A Picture: 1965 Pontiac Bonneville

Are you sitting down?  Good.  You will need to be when you hear this.  The seller of this car has put it on the market because his wife wants him to buy a four door.  Evidently his wife doesn’t… more»

18k Mile 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham

Could this old Pontiac listed on craigslist really have only 18,000 miles on it? For once, it may be true. It’s on Bainbridge Island which is only about 10 miles long and 5 miles wide and populated by less… more»