Bronco Explorer

No Reserve! Immaculate 1976 Ford Bronco Explorer

The classic market has recently been quite volatile, meaning many vehicles have experienced a significant fall in value. The First Generation Ford Bronco has been a strong performer for years but hasn’t been immune to this trend. While those… more»

Drive it Home: 1972 Ford Bronco Explorer

UPDATE 9/9/23 – This Bronco has popped back up here on eBay but this time it is on the other side of the country in Torrance, California. FROM 5/1/23 – This 1972 Ford Bronco Explorer may look a bit… more»

Original Paint: 1973 Ford Bronco Explorer

The term “survivor” can mean different things to different people. I tend to view such vehicles as ones that are 100% original and unmolested. Therefore, this 1973 Ford Bronco Explorer doesn’t fall into that category for me. However, it… more»

Rust-Free Californian Survivor: 1973 Ford Bronco Explorer With No Reserve

First Generation Ford Broncos seem to fall into two categories: those that have been meticulously restored and those that wait patiently for that day to arrive. This 1973 Bronco Explorer offers a third option because it is an original… more»

Highly Optioned: 1976 Ford Bronco Explorer

First Generation Broncos are renowned for two things. They are accomplished off-roaders capable of transporting their occupants into pretty wild territory. They also have a well-earned reputation for rust issues, and this 1976 Bronco Explorer is no exception. It… more»

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