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By Request: Cabin Fever Car Show Part Three

Here we go again!  At the request of a few of our dedicated readers, this is the third and final (I swear!) post on the Cabin Fever Car Show in Knoxville, Tennessee.  While the two previous reports (1, 2)… more»

Knoxville’s Cabin Fever Car Show Part Two: The Customs

If you have read the previous post on the Cabin Fever Car Show in Knoxville, Tennessee, then you will really love this one.  In this installment, we will focus on some of the custom cars in the show.  A… more»

Staying Warm At Knoxville’s Cabin Fever Car Show

With temperatures in the teens, and snow on their trailers, over 200 brave car lovers brought their prized vehicles to the 34th annual Cabin Fever Car Show at the Knoxville Expo Center this past weekend.  Long a tradition in… more»

World of Wheels Part Two: Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, and Mary Ann Too!

Once again, as temperatures start to dive past freezing, gear heads need something to do to help them cope with their affliction.  In the eastern section of Tennessee, that was accomplished by taking a trip to the beautiful convention… more»

Avoiding Snow At The 50th Annual World Of Wheels Car Show

With winter bearing down on the East Coast, and weathermen trying to out do each other in both colorful vernacular and terrifying forecasts, it is hard for car guys to stay entertained.  Thankfully, indoor car shows have begun to… more»

Christmas-N-Paradise Part Two: Car Show and Vintage Drag Racing

As promised, here is the second installment covering the Christmas-N-Paradise festivities at the Paradise Dragstrip in currently snow covered Calhoun, Georgia.  This post is just a glimpse of the car show and the vintage drag races that made up… more»

Old School Kicks At Christmas-N-Paradise Holiday Toy Drive

This past weekend, the Paradise Dragstrip, located just north of Calhoun, Georgia sponsored an event that I thought our readers might like a report on.  The plan was for a swap meet first, then a patriotic opening ceremony, and,… more»