Ford Centurion Conversions

1 of 5 Original Molds? 1958 Fiberfab Centurion

This 1958 Centurion kit car by Fiberfab is claimed to be just one of five known to exist, and possibly the only unfinished example in the world. The Centurion kit is quite a bruiser when complete, riding on a… more»

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Is This 1993 Ford Bronco Centurion The Best One In Existence?

This 1993 Ford Bronco Centurion, which is one giant of a vehicle, has been in climate-controlled storage for some time. As a result, it is in exceptionally good condition for its age. It is now out of storage and… more»

Clean Centurion: 1993 Ford Bronco Centurion C150 Classic

Though Ford’s large Expedition and Excursion SUV models were factory-produced competitors to Chevrolet’s Suburban, both of those had a custom converted predecessor: the Centurion Classic. This 1993 Ford Bronco Centurion C150 Classic is available here on eBay, and it’s… more»

Four-Door Bronco: 1990 Centurion C350

Escort one F-Series Ford pickup and one Bronco to a shotgun wedding and you get this! Before the Excursion, Ford had no full-size four-door SUV, a market then largely dominated by the Chevrolet Suburban. Centurion Vehicles filled that gap… more»

SUV Luxury: 1988 Ford C350 Centurion Classic

With a 460ci V8 under the hood, a tow hitch, and seating for up to nine people, this 1988 Ford C350 Centurion Classic would seem to be a pretty good option for anyone looking to cart a family and… more»

Prototype Pickup: 1988 Ford F-150 4×4 Centurion

The owner of this 1988 Ford F-150 Centurion refers to the vehicle as a prototype, and while an exhaustive search of the internet has not allowed me to confirm this, nor has it allowed me to disprove the claim… more»

Best Of Both Worlds: 1984 Ford E-350 Centurion

To fans of FoMoCo and wacky byproducts of the 1980s, the Centurion Vehicles name should quickly ring a bell. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Centurion created all sorts of custom Ford trucks and vans, and this 1984 E-350 that’s… more»

Duality Duo: 1988 Ford E-350 Centurion

Duality basically means that you can’t have good without evil or darkness without light or a van without a pickup box on the back.. er.. hey, wait a minute. This dually-equipped duality duo is a 1988 Ford E-350 Centurion,… more»

For the Loyalist: 1992 Ford Bronco Centurion Classic

Back in the days before Expeditions and (shudder) Excursions, what was a Ford loyalist in the market for a Suburban equivalent to do? The fiscally prudent answer would be to suck it up and buy the dang Suburban already,… more»

Serious Centurion: 1997 Ford F-350 Centurion

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Centurion Vehicles, allow me to summarize it: they made enormous trucks even more enormous. The most famous and perhaps most common Centurion conversion is the “Centurion Classic,” the apparent love-child of… more»

BF Exclusive: 1984 Ford E350 Centurion Conversion

UPDATE: Mike has decided to hang onto this one. I love oddball conversions and few are as odd or cool as this Centurion van conversion. Take an E350 van, cut the back half off of the body off, close… more»

Crazy Dually Van Conversion

Centurion was known for finding niches that the manufacturers didn’t think about and filling them. They took new trucks, cut them up, and combined them to created things like four-door Broncos and, apparently, even dually van/truck creations like the… more»

Four-Door Bronco… What The Heck?

What a minute! I thought Broncos only came with two doors. Well, that was until Bill M forwarded us a link to this monstrosity. At first, I thought it was a truck, but it’s clearly a Bronco. A little… more»

One Of How Many? Ford Van Conversion

Listed here on craigslist Reno, Nevada but parked in a yard (salvage yard?) in Stagecoach and priced at $3,700 is this 1989 Ford Econoline Conversion Van.  We have posted a smaller conversion of this type as well as other… more»