Last Year Panther Pink! 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye

Chrysler launched its line of optional High Impact paint colors back in the summer of ’69, with some radical finishes available at not much extra cost if you really wanted your Mopar to stand out in a crowd.  Choices… more»

Parked For 20 Years: 1970 Dodge Challenger

If I were to pick a Mopar classic that ticks the boxes for me from a styling perspective, the First Generation Dodge Challenger would sit close to the top of the list. While considered a top-end pony car, its… more»

Mopar Assortment In Florida!

You know the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, the seller here has nine interesting Chrysler products for sale but thinks he can get buyers interested with just two photos showing just three of the vehicles…. more»

Rolling Project: 1974 Dodge Challenger

1974 was the end of the blacktop for the first generation Dodge Challenger, and the rest of the muscle car market wasn’t faring very well by this time either, thanks to the oil crisis of ’73 and skyrocketing insurance… more»

340/4-Speed With Sunroof! 1970 Dodge Challenger

When Dodge introduced the first-generation Challenger in 1970, there were some great choices available to the buyer, including an R/T and SE in addition to the base model, plus optional equipment galore.  Numerous engine combos could be had, including… more»

Magazine Car! 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T

Ripped from the pages of the now-shuttered Car Craft and Popular Hot Rodding magazines, this 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T in West Plains, Missouri led an interesting life! Born as a real 440 six-pack R/T, the powerful pony car entered… more»

Spotless 1973 Dodge Challenger

Describing any classic car as perfect is dangerous because a close inspection will often reveal a flaw or two. However, this 1973 Dodge Challenger may have fewer faults than most. The seller has turned their eye to every aspect… more»

Cheap Mopar? 1978 Dodge Challenger

In 1978, Dodge resurrected the Challenger nameplate that had been retired as a pony car in 1974. This time, it was a captive import from Mitsubishi as Chrysler had a stake in that company. The Japanese-built, rear-wheel-drive car was… more»

340/4-Speed: 1971 Dodge Challenger

Hidden away in this garage is a classic that offers two tempting opportunities for prospective buyers. This 1971 Dodge Challenger is a solid vehicle that should make a rewarding and straightforward restoration project. Adding to its appeal, the drivetrain… more»

14k Miles and Plum Crazy! 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

Dodge was the last major U.S. automaker to field a “pony car” in 1970 when it went into production sharing the all-new platform of the Plymouth Barracuda. At the same time, the company wanted to go racing in the… more»

Serious Muscle: 1972 Dodge Challenger 408 6-Pack!

Don’t let the fender stickers or air cleaner markings fool you. This is not a Dodge Challenger T/A which came with a 340 V8 and triple 2-barrel carburetors. This car is something of a hybrid as it has a… more»

Rare Green Go: 1971 Dodge Challenger

Dodge was the last U.S. automaker to get into the “pony car” market space, more than five years after Ford’s Mustang is credited with starting the craze. That entry, the Challenger, would be built for five model years and… more»

Future Collectible? 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The Hellcat has been described as a “nuclear reactor on wheels” because of its sheer wide-open performance. Launched in 2015 on the updated Dodge Challenger, it comes equipped with a supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi engine rated at 707 hp and… more»

Plum Crazy? 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

1970 was the peak of performance for most automakers. The Muscle Car Wars were entering a new decade and soon would come the oil crisis and reduced performance in order to increase gas mileage. One of the cars at… more»

1 of 1,500: 1971 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger was the last entrant into the pony car field in 1970, more than five years after the Plymouth Barracuda set the stage (beating the Ford Mustang to market by 16 days). Dodge built more than 165,000… more»

Make Your Mark: 1974 Dodge Challenger

One of the most significant obstacles an enthusiast can face in any restoration is tackling significant rust issues. That is not a problem with this 1974 Dodge Challenger because the hard work is done. The seller has returned the… more»