Chevrolet Corvette

No Reserve Project: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

One of the objectives of automobile reviews is to sing a car’s particular praises. Some examples are a bit light in the praises department – you have to dig, and even then you might still come up with a… more»

Cheap Project? 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

I have been giving more thought to C4 Corvettes (1984-1996) lately as I see many of this generation selling for reasonable prices. The earliest versions don’t hold as much interest, but by 1991, the year of this subject Corvette,… more»

Last Of The 454s: 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

The 1974 Chevrolet Corvette is the one C3 that stands out in my memory for several reasons. Some consider it memorable for the wrong reasons, i.e the soft bumpers, front and back, and the downward progression of power output… more»

Astro Inspired Custom? 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

The C3 Corvette is one of the most instantly recognizable cars in the world! Can I prove my obtuse statement? Nah, but you must admit, it’s a well-known template. Designed by Larry Shinoda, under the direction of Bill Mitchell,… more»

66k Mile Barn Find: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

If angels could speak, this 1971 C3 Corvette Stingray Coupe would tell us a story of 43 long years spent in the out-of-doors.  In Oklahoma.  In the winter, summer, during tornadoes.  And only 66,000 sweet miles of memories before… more»

Drag Race Prepped:1969 Chevrolet Big-Block Corvette

It was not unusual in the ’60s and ’70s to find a C2 or C3 Corvette set up for drag racing. I have to admit, I really never understood why. Wasn’t the ‘Vette supposed to be the refined road… more»

Barn Bound Since ’79: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

Plucked from a barn where it resided since 1979 is this ’68 Chevrolet Corvette. It seems odd that barn jail was this ‘Vette’s fate once it attained the ripe young age of only eleven years. Whatever the case, the… more»

Amazing 626 Mile 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car!

A 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Indy pace car, one of 6,500, big deal, right? How about one with 623 miles that has won the Bloomington Gold Award, four NCRS Top Flight Awards, and a host of others? OK, now you… more»

Parked For 41 Years: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Not a split-window coupe but the right vintage is this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette convertible. This particular example has some challenges, it could be a diamond in the rough but then again maybe it’s more of a case of trying… more»

To Part Or Not To Part Out: 1975 Chevrolet Corvette

I promise that I am posting the best pictures from the ad on this 1975 Chevrolet Corvette that has sat in a barn since the mid 1990’s. You can see the ad and contact the seller here on Facebook… more»

No Reserve: 1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th Anniversary

By selecting the B2Z option in 1978, you could order a 25th Anniversary Edition Corvette at any Chevrolet dealer across the country. With 2 days remaining in the auction, this 1978 25th Anniversary Edition Chevrolet Corvette is being sold… more»

Marina Blue Project: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

Here we have a Marina Blue 1973 Chevrolet Corvette that appears to be a “shed find.” The Corvette is located in Cleveland, Tennessee and can be seen here on Facebook Marketplace. The seller is asking a whopping $9,850 for… more»

Hardtop Included: 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Project

Looking shaky is how this 1957 Corvette can best be described.  It has a mish-mash of different stuff going on and it ain’t cheap! Interestingly, it is offered for sale by Beverly Hills Car Club. It spite of the… more»

48k Mile Survivor: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

Most Corvettes were not built with gut-wrenching L88 motors and in the mid to late 1970s performance enthusiasts had to modify their engines to get even a reasonable level of power from the 350 cubic inch V8 engine that… more»

Mad Max Inspired? 1998 Chevrolet Corvette

In the automotive world, trends tend to come and go quickly, but an emerging one at the moment is “Safari” customization, which involves adding a suspension lift, beefier tires, bumper bars, and other rugged accommodations to prepare unconventional vehicles… more»

3,600 Mile 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

With a complete exterior redesign, a new chassis, and technology upgrades, Chevrolet’s C4 Corvette was a big change from the third-generation model that preceded it. Unfortunately, it was also more expensive than its predecessor, which led to fluctuating sales… more»