Chrysler Imperial

Stored 30 Years: 1951 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

UPDATE – You knew that this 1951 Chrysler Imperial Convertible would show up again after it disappeared so quickly after we featured it back in January! I just ran across the listing and it has made the trip from… more»

Behemoth Barn Find: 1970 Imperial Crown Survivor

Ever since I started this gig, I have become more intrigued by ChryCo’s Imperial. I first learned of Chrysler’s top brand probably by virtue of the Green Hornet’s “Black Beauty” a customized mid-’60s Imperial. Chrysler’s top drawer brand was… more»

It’s A Bonanza! Five 1956 Chrysler Imperials

It’s interesting to see what floats one’s boat, automotive-wise. Sometimes it’s a brand and sometimes it’s a model within the brand and that’s exactly what we have here, a collection of five 1956 Chrysler Imperials. They’re in various different… more»

1 Of 12 Custom Limousine: 1968 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron

Where’s Kato when you need him? If you are going to have a Black Beauty whammer-jammer like this stretched 1968 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron you’ll need a competent and resourceful chauffeur. And this Imperial is special as it is one… more»

Richard Petty Connection? 1981 Chrysler Imperial

Previous ownership can make a big difference in a car’s value, there is no question about it. But, what if the original owner was a relative of someone famous? The seller of this 1981 Chrysler Imperial lists a connection… more»

Black Beauty: 1965 Imperial Crown

This 1965 Imperial is a black beauty, there’s no arguing that point. But, it isn’t thee Black Beauty, as in the Green Hornet’s car. If it were, it wouldn’t be priced at $8,000 or offer. This Imperial Crown can… more»

Colossal Coupe: 1981 Chrysler Imperial

Despite the fact this is now the second time in recent history I’ve covered a “Malaise-era” Chrysler Imperial, I promise I have no particular affinity towards these vehicles. However, there’s no denying that these large Chryslers have a strong… more»

Rare And Complete: 1965 Imperial Convertible

Everyone knows of the luxury competition between Cadillac and Lincoln but back in the 1960s there was a third leg to the luxury stool and that was the Chrysler Imperial. Actually, it was technically the “Imperial” as it was… more»

Green on Green: Low-Mile 1981 Chrysler Imperial

There’s an online community of enthusiasts known as Malaise Motors, which is a celebration of sorts for vehicles manufactured from 1972 to 1992. Though their website describes the era as a time where insurance, safety, and emissions agencies “managed… more»

32,000 Miles: 1957 Chrysler Imperial Crown

Imperial was the luxury car division of Chrysler, and the 1957 model year marked the first year that Imperial utilized its own platform. This set Imperial apart from every other Chrysler division. This 1957 Imperial Crown hails from that… more»

Parked in 1973: 1957 Chrysler Imperial

This 1957 Chrysler Imperial (technically it is not actually a Chrysler as the Imperial brand had been separated from Chrysler in 1955) was driven into a barn in 1973 and didn’t move until recently when it was brought out… more»

Last Of The Fabulous Fins: 1961 Imperial Crown

Wow. I don’t know how else to describe this 1961 Imperial Crown sedan other than just plain wow. The size, the luxury, the fins, the color, the everything. This wow’mobile can be found on Craigslist, or here on the… more»