Chrysler Newport

Rare Interior Trim? 1961 Chrysler Newport “Highlander”

Special Edition vehicles are nothing new to the automotive world, and it would be fair to consider that any car from the early 1900s with a coachbuilt body could fall into that category. However, the practice increased post-war as… more»

Rare Woodie Rag Top: 1968 Chrysler Newport

The listing details are light, very light and the seller suggests that those interested in this 1968 Chrysler Newport convertible contact him for more details. Regardless, there’s probably enough here to give this Whammer-Jammer size Mopar its due. It’s… more»

45K Mile Survivor: 1972 Chrysler Newport Royal

Riding in a 124″ wheelbase, stretching out 18.6 feet in length, and tipping the scales at 4,255 lbs. (I’m surprised it’s not heavier), this 1972 Chrysler Newport Royal two-door hardtop is big, bold, and brown. I marvel today at… more»