Supercharger Needs TLC: 1957 Packard Clipper

Packard and Studebaker joined forces in 1954 and the product lines remained separate until 1957. That’s when the remaining Packard production became rebadged products out of South Bend, often referred to today as “Packardbakers.” Buyers and dealers alike were… more»

Stately Classic: 1955 Packard Clipper Constellation

In the 1950s, the Clipper was the mainstay of the Packard lineup as a more affordable alternative to the Patrician. The car received its last styling refresh in 1955-56 after Packard merged resources with Studebaker. The combined companies fared… more»

In The Barn 15 Years: 1955 Packard Clipper

Packard introduced its 1955 line-up in the fall of 1954, just months after Packard and Studebaker had merged to stay relevant. By 1957, Packard designs and engines had been discarded, with the cars becoming nothing more than rebadged Studebakers…. more»

Packardbaker? Supercharged 1957 Packard Clipper Station Wagon

It would be fairly easy to write a few pages just about the Packard and Studebaker merger, an event that took place in 1954 that most auto enthusiasts don’t seem to have a lot of favorable memories of.  Some… more»

Beautiful 1955 Packard Clipper Super Panama

Some classic cars seem to pose as many questions as they answer, which could be the case with this 1955 Packard Clipper Super Panama Hardtop. It is an older restoration that has remained garage-kept for the past sixteen years… more»

1 of 869: 1957 Packard Country Sedan

When the newly formed Studebaker-Packard Corp. introduced their 1957 models, Packard dealers were not happy. Instead of an all-new car, the Packards would largely be rebadged Studebakers. Packard buyers didn’t like the changes either and sales plummeted. Even fewer… more»

Rare Wagon: 1957 Packard Clipper Country Sedan

“Parts Bin Specials” are common in the automotive world. Companies generally create them out of existing production parts to produce a limited edition or premium version of an existing model. Less common is a manufacturer’s need to utilize this… more»

Last of the Line: 1958 Packard Sedan

The 1958 model year would be the last for the storied Packard brand. Having merged with Studebaker in 1954 in the hopes that both brands could continue to be relevant, that turned out not to be practical. The 1957-58… more»

Supercharged Project! 1957 Packard Clipper

Both Packard Motor Car Co. and Studebaker Corp. were struggling in the early 1950s, so they merged in 1954 to form Studebaker-Packard Corp. Going into the deal, Packard had the stronger balance sheet and executive team, yet the Packard… more»

24k Mile Running Project: 1957 Packard Clipper

Clipper was a Packard nameplate for several years, first between 1941-47 (with time off for WW2) and again from 1953-57. But the ’57 models were quite different than the Clippers that had come before, reworked Studebaker Presidents which were… more»

Huge Packard Collection for Sale!

An assortment of Packard cars and parts, which have been accumulated since the middle 1960s, are available as a package deal in Omaha, Nebraska. The collection seems focused largely on Series 8 and Clipper models. There are ten vehicles… more»