Comet GT

V8 Survivor: 1971 Mercury Comet GT

The ’70s was a time of “What about me?” badge engineering. The Chevrolet Nova spawned the Oldsmobile Omega, Pontiac Ventura, and Buick Apollo. Over at Mopar, the Plymouth Duster begat the Dodge Demon, and Ford’s new for ’70 Falcon… more»

V8 Project: 1972 Mercury Comet GT

In the early 1960s, Ford introduced the Falcon, and the Mercury Comet was born. A decade later, the same thing happened again with the Maverick and Comet. So, you could say lightning struck twice – and we mean this… more»

Rust-Free Survivor: 1972 Mercury Comet GT

In case a bright yellow 1972 Mercury Comet GT doesn’t grab your attention, perhaps this will: It’s a rust-free survivor with 47,683 documented miles. This Comet was found by a Barn Finds reader here on eBay in Raymore, Missouri…. more»