Continental Mark II

Pretty and Pricey: 1956 Continental

When the Ford Motor Company decided to bring back the Continental nameplate in the early 1950s, the bar was set very high.  This was to be a demonstration of Ford’s ability to produce a world-class luxury car, and they… more»

Selling for a Friend: 1956 Continental Mark II

Regrettably, the collector car hobby is filled with scams and shady dealing.  Every deal has to be done with caution and skepticism.  Do the words “selling for a friend” cause the hair on the back of your neck to… more»

Parts Car Prospect? 1956 Continental Mark II

It hurts a bit to see an esteemed automobile like this 1956 Continental Mark II reduced to such deplorable condition. Time the avenger! It happens to them all eventually if steps aren’t taken to preserve and protect. The seller… more»