TLC Needed: 1973 Buick Centurion Convertible

Buick only built the Centurion for three years from 1971 to 1973, each of those available in a convertible, and a 2 door or 4 door hardtop…. more»

Numbers Matching: 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

This Mustang Convertible is a nice looking car, and the fact that it is a numbers-matching vehicle makes it that bit more desirable. There have been some… more»

1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible Project

This Lincoln Continental saw active duty as a daily driver from 1966 until 1978 and was then used as a parade car from ’78 until it was… more»

Restored 30 Years Ago: 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner

This is a car from the age of convertibles hey-days. In 1957, Ford sold 77,728 regular convertibles called the Sunliner, plus another 20,766 of the retractable hardtop… more»

Solid Frame: 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

When you consider cars from the 1950s, the cars that gave us the fins, standing like a giant before all is the 1959 Cadillac. Those enormous fins… more»

Trial by Fire: 1964 Pontiac LeMans

There can hardly be a more heart-breaking experience for a car lover than to put your time, effort, and money into a car, and to then lose… more»

Turbo Convertible: 1984 Pontiac 2000 Sunbird

New millennium fever was alive and well even back in the early-1980s. Well, of course it was, Prince was partying like it was 1999 way back then. This… more»

1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Convertible Garage Find

Following the end of World War II, the American public was eager to get their hands on completely new cars, as those that were available were merely… more»

Estate Vehicle: 1971 Ford LTD Convertible

I’m a little partial to this car. My first car was a 1971 Ford LTD, although it was a 2 door hardtop. Wouldn’t it have been nice riding… more»

Stored Since Early-60s: 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe

With World War II just barely in the rearview mirror, U.S. automakers were having a tough time coming up with fresh designs, not to mention the raw… more»

One of One: Mercury Sable Custom Convertible

It doesn’t get much more unique than this. Here is a Mercury Sable Convertible Concept car. Apparently, Ford was toying with the idea of making the Sable… more»

Parked For Years: 1971 Ford LTD Convertible

I’m not sure where this LTD Convertible has been parked for what is apparently many years, but it looks like it was somewhere pretty dark and damp,… more»

Music History: 1973 Oldsmobile Royale Convertible

The owner of this Delta 88 Royale Convertible says that the car has been used in promotional shoots and music videos for up-and-coming recording artists. He includes… more»

Fantastic Condition: 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible

Before 1982, Buick had never produced a Riviera convertible, instead having full size and intermediate convertibles before they were discontinued. When convertibles came back on the scene… more»

Stored Since ’78: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

This 1965 Mustang Convertible is a great barn find that has been sitting in dry storage since 1978. It has a couple of small dings on the… more»

1 Of 175: 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible Sportsgrain

This 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible is going to require a complete restoration, but it is fitted with the unusual Sportsgrain option, so it is certainly a car… more»

Restored and Ready to Go: 1940 Packard Model 110 Convertible

Some people will look at a restored classic car and will be hesitant to hand over their hard-earned cash because they can’t be sure how well the… more»

On Display for 30 Years: 1967 Pontiac Tempest Convertible

This Pontiac Tempest Convertible has spent the past 30 years on display in a local museum. It has left its temperature-controlled environment and is now looking for… more»

Big and Brawny: 1972 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible

For some reason, Pontiac decided to replace the Bonneville as the flagship car in 1971 and brought out the Grand Ville. It still used the same B body… more»

Worthwhile 1966 Corvette Convertible

This is a pretty normal, numbers matching 1966 Chevrolet Corvette convertible. With a VIN listed and clear title, the buy it now price sits at $25,000. The… more»

Tiny Barn Find: 1991 Geo Metro LSi

The seller of this 1991 Geo Metro LSi convertible says to “Think barn find”. I like that idea. This little red devil can be found listed here… more»

Muscle Project: 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

For people who love the Oldsmobile 442, finding a solid example to restore can be a frustrating business. This 1968 442 is a solid example, and it… more»

Pony Project: 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible

For me, it doesn’t seem like too many years ago when someone would restore the body and interior of a Mustang like this, and then ditch the… more»

Luxury Drop Top: 1960 Buick Electra 225 Convertible

Introduced in 1959, the Buick Electra 225 took its number designation from the fact that the car’s overall length was 225 inches. In 1960, the Electra underwent… more»