Oddball Pickup: 1973 Toyota Corona Mark II

While the 1st Generation of the Toyota Corona Mark II remained in production from 1968 until 1972, the Mark II Pickup carried over through until 1974. Today they are not a common sight, so finding one in reasonable condition… more»

Rare Toyota: 1974 Toyota Corona 2000 GT

While the majority of the world have received the Toyota Corona in one form or another, only the Japanese themselves had the privilege of receiving the 2000 GT version. They are rarely seen outside of Japan, which makes this… more»

California Corona: 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II

Toyota had a misstep or two when they tried to break into the U.S. market by bringing over a woefully-underpowered car. With under 600 sales a year in 1961, they concentrated on their Land Cruiser until 1964. The car… more»

Sitting for Years: 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II

Toyota entered the American car market in 1957 with its Crown model. To a large extent, these early cars were treated as something of a novelty, but it didn’t take the world very long to realize that Toyota was… more»