Original Cruiser: 1941 Ford Deluxe Coupe

While there is nothing wrong with owning any classic car in showroom condition, some enthusiasts find imperfect vehicles hard to resist. If you are one of those individuals, this 1941 Ford Deluxe Coupe will undoubtedly turn your head. It… more»

Vintage Hot Rod: 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe

While it is possible to create a modern hot rod, there’s something attractive about buying one built during the genre’s heyday. That is the case with this 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe. A previous owner built the vehicle as a… more»

On The Boat! 1995 Fiat Type 175 Coupé

The Fiat Coupé, aka Type 175, was a 2-door, 4-seat coupe produced by Fiat between 1994 and 2000 and was partly designed by Pininfarina. Because of their on-again, off-again status of importing cars to the U.S., 175s like the… more»

Tahoe Turquoise T-Bird: 1967 Landau Coupe

I was eleven when the all-new 1967 Thunderbirds rolled into the local Ford dealership’s showroom. I remember how different they looked from the 1966 model. They appeared bigger and wider and I loved that new jet-age front end styling… more»

Sitting for 40 Years: 1948 Chrysler Windsor Business Coupe

When was the last time you saw one of these? Yeah, I can’t remember either. The Chrysler Town & Country with its beautiful and unique wood trim gets all the attention, but this 3-Passenger Coupe with its one bench… more»

Turnkey Classic: 1940 Buick Super Coupe

Recently, we’ve seen a few examples at Barn Finds of situations where genuinely passionate owners have elected to downsize their collection. That is the case with this 1940 Buick Super Coupe, and its next owner will be slipping behind… more»

303 Olds Rocket Powered! 1933 Ford 5 Window Coupe

With all of the over-restored, well into the six-figure Hot Rod cars out there in such pristine condition that their owners are afraid to drive them, it’s sort of refreshing to run across a creation that the seller says… more»

Custom 1950’s Road Race Coupe Special

In the world of custom builds, you’ve got a spectrum going from things like a rebodied Beetle to the wild creations of George Barris. Our feature today lies somewhere closer to George Barris, but with the apparent usability of… more»

Cool Custom: 1937 Chevrolet Coupe Hot Rod

Old school hot rods were in danger of dying out at the turn of the century, but they are experiencing a resurgence in the classic market. There could be many reasons for this, but it seems that owners feel… more»

1 of 847: 1948 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe

My high school Government teacher had one of these behemoths in his garage in the mid 70s that he was hoping to restore. He let me look at it one day because he knew I was an old car… more»

43k Original Miles: 1935 Chevrolet 3-Window Coupe

Google “1935 Chevrolet 3-Window Coupe,” click the Images tab, and about 90% of the photos fall into the cool, sleek hotrod category. Only 11,900 of these cozy coupes of the nearly 550,000 Chevrolets produced in 1935 rolled off the… more»

Parked For 45 Years: 1939 Ford Standard Coupe

The history behind this 1939 Ford Coupe is unclear, but the paint color and upgraded engine suggest that it may have been an older custom build that was parked and forgotten. After forty-five years in hiding, it has emerged… more»

Stalled Stingray: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

I’m guessing more Barn Finds readers have been there than not.  You spot a car you like, one you really like, and envision how great the finished product is going to be.  It needs restoration, but you buy it… more»

Restore or Rod? 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

The owner of this 1937 ford DeLuxe Coupe says that it would make an excellent base for a restoration or a hot rod build. It is a solid classic that is set to head in whichever direction the buyer… more»

Hot Rod Project: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Traditional project builds have many attractions for some enthusiasts, especially when the project in question is an old-school hot rod. That is what is on offer with this 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe. It is a vehicle where the build… more»

Hemi Powered: 1933 Dodge 5-Window Coupe

The owner of this 1933 Dodge 5-Window Coupe refers to it as a restomod, but this is a seriously tough old-school hot rod for my money. It presents beautifully, but its appearance doesn’t offer many clues about what sort… more»