1948 Tatra T87 Found In Virginia!

Update 11/17/16 – The seller ended their original auction and have relisted it with more information and details! You can find the new ad here on eBay. Yes it’s rusty and the seller provides absolutely no information about it,… more»

The Only One In Town! 1976 Tatra T613-3

If you aren’t familiar with Tatras, they have always been somewhat out there from an engineering point of view. Think about it–a rear-mounted, air-cooled, overhead cam V8 is the power plant. That huge nose? It’s for storage area only!… more»

That’s Right It’s A ’58 Velorex Oskar!

Well this is most of a Velorex. It’s missing a few pieces, but then again there isn’t much to this oddball which is listed here on eBay and is in Northbrook, Illinois with a BIN of $12,000. For how little there… more»

Unusual Czech Scooter: 1960 Čezeta

This is one strange scooter, but I like it!

Air-Cooled V8: 1971 Tatra 603

This isn’t something you see every day! Thanks to reader Charles H for this great find from the Netherlands–although the car was manufactured in what was then Czechoslovakia. Tatra had long been marching to the beat of a different drummer… more»

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