Dart Sport

Factory Sunroof! 1974 Dodge Dart Sport

The fourth generation of the Dodge Dart (1967-76) was its longest run and the most successful sales-wise. Demand picked up in 1971 when Dodge introduced the Demon (later called the Dart Sport), their version of the fastback Plymouth Duster…. more»

Built-Up 318 V8: 1974 Dodge Dart Sport

Plymouth added a fastback to its compact Valiant line-up in 1970 and had an instant hit with the Duster. Enough so that Dodge wanted its version for the Dart, so the Demon was born in 1971. Two years later,… more»

340 Light Project: 1973 Dodge Dart Sport

The Dart Sport started life with a different name, The Demon, Dodge’s version of the successful Plymouth Duster. It ran under that name for the first couple of years and then changed monikers supposedly because the name Demon didn’t… more»

Mopar Collection: Road Runners, Challengers, Darts And More!

Collectors often migrate to certain brands of vintage automobiles. For example, Ford Mustang people tend to go for specific years of like Mustangs, i.e. 1965-66, 1967-68, 1969-70, etc. This seller likes Chrysler cars, mostly Dodge Darts and Plymouth Valiants,… more»

Tidy Survivor: 1973 Dodge Dart Sport

One of the outcomes of the OPEC oil embargo of 1973 was that buyers began flocking to smaller, more economical cars. Cars with six-cylinder or small-block V-8 engines that would be thriftier on fuel than the land yachts they… more»

Solid Patriot: 1976 Dodge Dart

It was 1976, and an enormous number of companies jumped on the “bicentennial bandwagon” and tapped into the naturally patriotic spirit of the American people. I mean, who could blame them? An opportunity like that only comes along every…um,… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1974 Dodge Dart Sport Desert Find

UPDATE 6/19/2019 – Alan sent over additional information and photos of his Dart, which you can find below! From 6/17/2019 – This is how this Dart looked when Derek B found it in the Arizona desert. After a ton… more»