Kansas Barn Find: 1939 Plymouth

The Plymouth brand was developed by Chrysler in 1928 to represent them in the “low-priced” market dominated at the time by Chevrolet and Ford. The timing was fortuitous as the presence of Plymouth helped Chrysler survive the Great Depression… more»

BF Exclusive: 1940 Ford DeLuxe Sedan

Finding a classic car that has eight decades under its belt but only had two owners is a rare treat. However, that’s the story behind this 1940 Ford DeLuxe Sedan. It served as reliable transport for its original lady… more»

Turn-Key Survivor: 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

Sometimes circumstances dictate that an enthusiast won’t be in a position to tackle a project build. Everybody’s situations are different, and there’s no shame in buying a turn-key classic if that will best suit that person. I always believe… more»

Original Paint: 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe Fastback

When World War II drew to a close, American automotive manufacturers restarted civilian vehicle production with cars that were essentially their pre-war offerings with some minor trim updates. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that new cars started to… more»

Restore or Rod? 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

The owner of this 1937 ford DeLuxe Coupe says that it would make an excellent base for a restoration or a hot rod build. It is a solid classic that is set to head in whichever direction the buyer… more»

Rare Woodie: 1949 DeSoto Deluxe Station Wagon

Wood-bodied station wagons were on their way out by the end of the 1940s. They were expensive to build relative to the number that were sold. Steel-bodied wagons were starting to materialize and would be the way to go… more»

Flathead V8: 1940 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

The single-seat business coupe was popular in the mid-20th Century with traveling salesmen and others on the move. The lack of a back seat meant more room for the wares that they needed to carry with them. Ford was… more»

Owned Since ’78: 1935 Ford DeLuxe “Trunkback”

‘This 1935 Ford DeLuxe Sedan underwent a repaint in the 1970s, and although it has been sitting since the late 1980s, it has survived remarkably well. It needs someone to revive this classic after more than three decades of… more»

Tin Woodie: 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

“Tin Woodie” was the nickname for the first all-steel station wagons after wood-bodied wagons were discontinued. Demand for woodies were in a decline by the 1950s as their wood panels required a lot more maintenance than steel bodies. And… more»

1 Of 724: 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe Convertible

Chrysler sold nearly 100,000 cars for 1954 and the New Yorker Deluxe convertible was a small portion of that at 724 units. The New Yorker Deluxe was the top-of-the-line car at Chrysler in 1954 as the Imperial was another… more»

Vintage Hot Rod: 1936 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

Update 5/13/20 – After getting some new rims and touchup paint, this sweet hot rod has been relisted here on eBay. From 3/21/20 – It appears that time travel is beyond we mere humans, but slipping behind the wheel… more»

Hidden Restoration: 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible

It would seem that this 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible underwent a full, high-quality restoration some years ago. It was then used pretty sparingly by the owner before being parked around 5-years ago. That owner has recently passed away, and… more»

71k Original Miles: 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

This 1951 Chevrolet Styline Deluxe is a very attractive car with a claimed 71,000 original miles on its odometer. It presents well and has only accumulated 1,000 miles on its freshly rebuilt motor. It will need very little to… more»

Parked In ’62! 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible

It would be interesting to be able to wind the clock back and to see exactly how this 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible looked when it went into storage in 1962. Given its history in the intervening years, I suspect… more»

Shining Survivor: 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

Look at this 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe. Shiny, isn’t it? The owner states that he is unsure as to whether the majority of the paint is original, or whether it is the result of an older repaint. Regardless… more»

Solid Survivor: 1939 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

It isn’t clear just how long this 1939 ford DeLuxe Coupe has been in the possession of its current owner, but I suspect that the answer might well be “a long time.” In fact, this car served as his… more»