BF Auction: 1934 DeSoto Airflow

The Airflow, sold by both Chrysler and DeSoto divisions, was designed with aerodynamics taken into consideration in the build. While the automobiles were arguably more slippery, they were awkward looking for the times (1934 to 1937) and many buyers… more»

Motors, Cars, Parts, Oh My! 1937 DeSoto Collection

The never-ending Christmas present. For a DeSoto fan, that’s what we have in the barn here on craigslist. Take a couple of trailers to Coopersburg, Pennsylvania to clean out this collection of cars and parts amassed during 45 years… more»

1 of 500? 1955 DeSoto Fireflite Coronado

The Desoto brand had been a part of the Chrysler lineup since 1928. But in the 1950s, it was sandwiched between Dodge and Chrysler in the pecking order and ended up having the same fate as Ford’s short-lived Edsel… more»

1-of-4: 1934 DeSoto Airflow Brougham

The automotive design and manufacturing world is complex, but the recipe for sales success is relatively simple. A company must take sound engineering and construction techniques, wrap them in a body that people find attractive, and market those vehicles… more»

Backyard Bonanza: California Collection

While there’s a part of me (and perhaps most of us) that loves the idea of a property strewn about with cars and trucks, you won’t find too many communities where your neighbors share your enthusiasm for vintage tin… more»

Low-Mileage Hemi! 1954 DeSoto Firedome

The Firedome was a car manufactured by the DeSoto division of Chrysler, with production beginning in 1952 and running through 1959.  One of the good things about the current marketplace for buyers is that many of these cars have… more»

Three 1937 DeSotos, Two Hemis, and A Truckload of Parts

The collector car hobby makes hoarders out of all of us.  The older, rarer, or more unique our vehicle is, the greater the desire becomes to hoard any part we can find.  “Just in case!” is our mantra.  What… more»

1937 Desoto Treasure Trove: Three Cars Plus Parts

For fans of orphan makes, here on craigslist is a shop full of 1937 Desoto cars and parts, to be sold as a package only. The asking price is $33,333, but the seller is open to irresistible offers. Bring… more»

Groundbreaking Design: 1935 DeSoto Airflow

It is fair to say that during the early years of automotive design, manufacturers didn’t place much emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency. Until the 1930s, most cars featured the aero efficiency of your average barn…traveling sideways. However, Chrysler attempted to… more»

Elegant Hemi: 1956 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible

One of the Chrysler makes that doesn’t seem to get quite as much attention as some of the others is their DeSoto division, which began producing vehicles all the way back in 1929.  Many of these offerings were mid-priced… more»

330 Hemi Powered! 1928 Ford Model A Rod

Owning a vehicle you care for enough to give it a personalized proper name doesn’t seem to be anything new, nor does somebody referring to their car by “she”, “her”, or any number of other loving titles.  I can… more»

Barn Find: 1949 DeSoto Custom Club Coupe

And you thought that huge bumpers were a 1970s thing. This 1949 DeSoto Custom Club Coupe has a pair of huge bumpers, but that just protects this beautiful design, so there’s nothing wrong with that. This Colorado barn find… more»

Barn Find Project: 1929 DeSoto Six

Chrysler was in a big growth mode in the 1920s, adding Plymouth and Dodge to the fold, with DeSoto’s incorporation in 1928. They chose to honor Hernando DeSoto, the 16th Century explorer who was credited with discovering the Mississippi… more»

It’s A Hemi! 1953 DeSoto Firedome

The 1953 model year was a good one for DeSoto, which outsold its prior outing by nearly 35%. Much of that was finishing out pent-up demand after World War II and concerns that the Korean War might also limit… more»

Dusty Survivor: 1947 DeSoto Coupe

Looking at the number of comments that each type of car gets here on Barn Finds yields some surprising results.  Some of our most commented on finds are cars with low financial entry points that are what could be… more»

Golden Opportunity? Rare 1956 DeSoto Adventurer

In 1955, Chrysler launched the first luxury, high-performance muscle car salvo with the iconic C-300. Some called it the “Beautiful Brute” which is an accurate moniker. The totally redesigned ’55 Chrysler coupe was an awesome package of 50’s high… more»