BF Auction: DKW Project Cars and Parts Collection

When you consider how difficult it is to begin restoring a project belonging to an obscure or otherwise extinct nameplate, it’s of little surprise that these orphan makes can be passed over for restoration. However, when you come across… more»

Can It Be Saved? 1962 DKW Junior Deluxe

The 1950s were awash in three-cylinder cars. For instance, the Wartburg 311 hid a 0.9 liter in-line three in its engine compartment. Ditto several contemporaneous Saabs. The Berkeley SE492 of course. The Polish FSO Syrena. And over in Germany,… more»

Pre-War Project: 1939 DKW F8 Cabriolet

DKW was one of the founding members of Auto Union in a transaction precipitated in 1932. Its forté was motorcycles and small cars; the other three brands staked out the medium car segment (Wanderer), the larger family car segment… more»

Oddball Audi: 1964 Mean Sonora GT

Every now and again, you get thrown a curveball that reveals you don’t know nearly as much as you thought you did. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on European makes and models, but this unusual Audi/DKW model referred to… more»

Hirohata Merc Connection? 1956 DKW RT 200/3

A lot of you may know the name Jim McNiel as the gentleman who bought the famous ’51 Hirohata Merc from a used car lot in 1959 for (are you sitting down?) $500, borrowed from his girlfriend’s father. He… more»

German Jeep, Too! Collection Of Classic DKWs

DKW, a German car and motorcycle manufacturing company that dates to 1916, was one of four companies that merged to form Auto Union in 1932, which is an ancestor to today’s Audi. They built a variety of cars, trucks,… more»

Rare Van! 1957 DKW Schnellaster

A long time ago, but not very far away, I helped a friend of mine haul home a 1972 Volkswagen Bus that was actually given to him– we just had to get it off the property. This might be… more»

DKW Collection For Sale Includes First F91 Cabriolet!

DKW was one of four companies that formed Auto Union in Germany in 1932 and is an ancestor of the modern-day Audi. Its roots go back to building toy engines and motorcycles before eventually getting into the car business…. more»

German Jeep: 1963 DKW Munga

This 1963 DKW Auto Union Munga Jeep is a rare sight anywhere, but particularly in the United States. Built with a similar philosophy to the WWII-era Jeep and Ford GPW, it’s an extremely capable vehicle for when the going… more»

Awesome Audi Ancestor: 1965 DKW F12 Roadster

As a long-time Audi owner and fan, any time that I see a car from their early years, like this 1965 DKW F12 convertible, it catches my eye. I’m going to try to practice uber-restraint on this one and… more»

Audi Ancestor: 1963 DKW Junior Deluxe

Most of us know the story of Auto Union, or at least how the famous four rings came about with four companies coming together. One of the four companies was DKW and this 1963 DKW Junior is one interesting… more»

Bug-Eyed Beauty: 1958 DKW Schnellaster Van

There is no doubt you’ll be the talk of the car show after finishing up this project! This odd bug-eyed beauty is a 1958 DKW Schnellaster Van, and you can see its shared style ancestry with other German designs… more»

German Surf Wagon: 1957 Auto Union Universal

The last time I saw a DKW/Auto Union was in the flesh during the failed Vermont junkyard excursion of 2016. On that trip, the most interesting car in the yard was what I believed to be a very complete… more»

1959 H Modified Special Find!

H Modified was a sports car racing class that encouraged a lot of creativity in the 1950s and 1960s, and this car is a great example. Limited to only 750 cc engines, they were all about weight, low aerodynamic… more»

Airplane Hanger Find: 1961 DKW 1000 S

An airplane hanger seems like the ideal setup for housing a large collection of vehicles, and that’s exactly what the husband of the owner of this unusual DKW 1000 S here on eBay did on a remote airfield in Illinois. It… more»

3 Equals 6? 1957 DKW Schnellaster 3=6

I just love oddball vehicles like this DKW! Look at that front end, it’s just so… happy! If I thought people would buy it, I think it would be the perfect face for another All Smiles T-Shirt design! These… more»

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