Barn Find Twister: 1971 Plymouth Duster

The Duster was a popular variant of the Plymouth Valiant compact. From 1970 to 1976, it was a fastback coupe that had its own sheet metal from the windshield back. The performance version was the Duster 340, but for… more»

Weekend V8 Project: 1971 Plymouth Duster

When Ford introduced the Maverick in 1969, they had something that Plymouth did not: an inexpensive, sporty fastback. But that was quickly corrected with the debut of the Duster in 1970. From the cowl forward, it was a Valiant,… more»

Affordable Project: 1975 Plymouth Duster

One of the great battles facing some enthusiasts is locating an appropriate candidate for a project build. Often, sellers can prove optimistic with their sale price and are unwilling to consider alternatives. That isn’t the case with this 1975… more»

Boca Raton Interior: 1975 Plymouth Silver Duster

The Duster was a popular fastback coupe based on the ’70s compact Valiant. While it used the same sheet metal as the Valiant from the cowl forward, the rest of the body was different. Besides being a sporty alternative… more»

Slant-Six Mopar: 1973 Plymouth Duster

One word that most people wouldn’t use in the 1960s to describe the Plymouth Valiant was “sporty.” So, Chrysler set out to change that by developing the Duster for 1970, a fastback coupe that was all-new from the windshield… more»

Blank Canvas: 1971 Plymouth Duster

While there is something appealing about taking a classic car and cutting away acres of rusty metal to produce a rust-free body, some enthusiasts find the prospect overwhelming. That’s where vehicles like this 1971 Plymouth Duster fit into the… more»

Collection of Hot 1960s Vintage Mopars!

If you’ve been wanting to get hold of a 1960s Plymouth or Dodge to drive or work on, the seller has not one but five of them for sale in Whitesboro, New York. They cover the 1962-64 period (except… more»

Built 360: 1973 Plymouth Duster

While originality is always a desirable attribute for a classic car, sometimes we need to find a vehicle that isn’t standard but offers an enjoyable driving experience designed to plaster a smile on our faces. That is the opportunity… more»

360 V8 Muscle! 1972 Plymouth Duster

The Duster was created in 1970 to draw more youthful buyers into the Plymouth fold. That included a budget-minded muscle car, the Duster 340 with a small-block V8 of that engine displacement. The seller’s 1972 edition looks like one… more»

Parked 38 Years: 1971 Plymouth Duster

In 1970, Chrysler was looking to add some showroom excitement to its Valiant compact which was attracting mostly older buyers. Enter the Duster with a new body from the windshield back, providing a sporty fastback look to an economy… more»

Blank Canvas: 1972 Plymouth Duster

While I admit a bias towards most classics wearing the blue-oval badge, I can’t help but admire the styling of the early Plymouth Dusters. Cars like this 1972 example look crisp and clean, making them an ideal candidate for… more»

Nicest One Left? 1973 Plymouth Gold Duster

The Duster was the fastback version of Plymouth’s Valiant compact, introduced in 1970 to attract more youthful buyers to the nameplate. The car would prove to be a big hit, giving competitors like the Chevy Nova a run for… more»

1972 Plymouth Duster Sox and Martin Tribute

Sox & Martin was one of the most dominant teams in Funny Car and Super Stock racing in the 1960s and 1970s. Their association with Chrysler Corp. dated back to 1965. They found a lot of success with the… more»

Collection of Dodge Darts and Other Mopars

UPDATE 4/11/22: This collection of old Chrysler products keeps popping up for sale on different places on the internet. We don’t know if any of them have moved on to new homes yet and their condition differs widely. We’re… more»

Slant Six Or 360 V8? 1974 Plymouth Duster

Pat L. found this interesting project. It is a 1974 Plymouth Duster that was sidelined due to brake issues in 2011. The car has approximately 112,000 miles and looks pretty solid. The seller pulled the original slant six-cylinder engine… more»

43k Mile 1974 Plymouth Duster

In 1970, Plymouth wanted to add some pizzazz to its aging Valiant compact and the Duster was born. It had a new fastback body from the windshield back. It would prove popular with buyers as Chrysler sold more than… more»