Competition Classic: 1966 Lotus Elan Fixed-Head Coupe

This 1966 Lotus Elan Fixed-Head Coupe is an unusual car because it has led a life of competition since new, but its original engine has managed to survive the rigors of racing. It retired from racing in the 1980s… more»

Rare Brit: 1971 Lotus Elan +2 Coupe

For many people, the words “Lotus Elan” evoke images of a classic British 2-seater convertible sports car. One of the more unusual and rarer versions of the Elan was the +2 Fixed-Head Coupe, which was first released in 1967…. more»

Miata Swap? 1971 Lotus Elan Project

The owner of this 1971 Lotus Elan S4 floats a potential pathway that the next owner might choose to follow with the car, and it is a path that might make a lot of sense. With the original engine… more»

Miata Fighter: 1990 Lotus Elan M100

While it is very different from the original Elan, the fascinating Lotus Elan M100 is an impressive feat in engineering and development. This 1990 Lotus Elan that Barn Finds reader Roger found here on Craigslist is a quality example… more»

More Info Please: 1966 Lotus Elan S2

When you’re an enthusiast, it can be dead easy to keep buying project cars until the day finally arrives when you realize that you now have more cars than available space and that something has to go. This is… more»

Sitting Since 1980: 1967 Lotus Elan SE Coupe

For those who love the Mazda MX5/Miata, this is where the story of that car really began. The design philosophy of the Elan was used to provide the guiding principles behind the Miata, and best encapsulated the Colin Chapman… more»