Ford EXP

6k Original Miles: 1982 Ford EXP

When Ford was rolling out the new Escort to replace the aging Pinto, they concluded there was a market for a sporty-two seat version of the car and the EXP was born for 1982. It sold well the first… more»

16,000 Mile EXPeriment: 1982 Mercury LN7

1982 may not seem long enough ago to be showing cars from that era here, but I’m sure that some of you weren’t even born then. It’s also possible that a person born in 1982 could even be a… more»

How Many Left? 1984 Ford EXP Turbo

This listing is for a rare (and likely near extinct) Ford EXP Turbo. While the EXPs are rare, finding a turbocharged variant is akin to the proverbial needle in the haystack. Located in Colorado Springs, this example turns over… more»

One Owner Since ’84: 1983 Ford EXP

Ever find a car that reminds you of a Hot Wheels you once owned? Right down the color? Sure, you’d likely say, but rarely does the car in question look as nice as that die cast you cherished. Well,… more»

$550! 1986 Ford EXP

Just when you thought that you had seen it all, here’s a 1986 Ford EXP. This raucous little racer (well..).. is on Craigslist with an asking price of $550.  The EXP was made for the 1982 to 1988 model… more»

Ford EXP Factory SCCA Race Car!

Who wants to go racing? How about racing in a factory supported SCCA Racer? Listed here on eBay and garaged in Bothell, Washington is this 1983-84 Mercury LN-7 with a reserve not met and bidding at $1,300. According to… more»