A Classic Or Just A Used Truck? 1996 Ford F-250

A lot of us need for any classic vehicle we own to be more than a garage ornament.  Sometimes everyday life requires something that can pinch hit as a daily driver or you need a vehicle that can do… more»

Paint Me! 1976 Ford F-250 Crew Cab

While crew cab pickups are pretty much the standard for full-size trucks these days, back in the sixties and seventies, they were fairly rare. Mostly made for government agencies or as utility work vehicles, not too many survived their… more»

390 Equipped! 1968 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special

Some really cool things were happening at Ford in the pickup department for 1968, not the least being the addition of a pair of more powerful V8s that replaced the previous year’s 352.  While there were still a couple… more»

Older Restoration: 1955 Ford F-250

The Ford F-Series trucks have dominated the pickup scene since these transports debuted in 1948. While the F-150 has been the leader in the ½-ton segment of the market, so has the F-250 in the ¾-ton sector. The seller’s… more»

Garage Kept and 58K Miles: 1975 Ford F-250 Ranger

Ever pass by a garage and wonder what is in it?  Most garages are probably packed to the rafters with stuff that wouldn’t sell at your aunt’s garage sale and various other things that are too nice to throw… more»

1972 Ford F-250 That Clint Eastwood Drove In “The Mule”

I’ve been a Clint Eastwood fan since his Rowdy Yates days on the Rawhide TV Show, so I couldn’t pass this one up. It seems like ole Clint has had a thing for 1972 Fords in a few of… more»

Good Humor Truck! 1965 Ford F-250

UPDATE 04/08/2022: It seems the owner of this wonderful 1965 Ford F-250 Good Humor ice cream truck had no success when he last listed the classic for sale, so he has decided to try his luck again. He appears… more»

Full Size Tonka Toy! 1978 Ford F250

Ford’s F-Series trucks have been on the market since 1948 in a variety of sizes and payload capacities. They have ranged from the basic F-100 half-ton up to the commercial-grade F-750. As a heavy-duty model, the F-250 is the… more»

Rare Crew Cab: 1969 Ford F-250 Pickup

There’s nothing quite like an honest work truck, and one thing that makes a work truck even better is the space to haul more workers. Located in Gadsen, Alabama, this 1969 Ford F-250 Crew Cab is up for auction… more»

One Prior Owner: 1977 Ford F-250 Ranger

1973-77 would mark the sixth generation of Ford’s popular F-Series of trucks. And with help from the purchase of this ’77 F-250 when it was new, the Ford F-Series would become the best-selling truck in the U.S., a position… more»

Sport Custom: 1970 Ford F-250 4×4

It wasn’t too many years ago when a truck like this would be a fairly affordable project for someone. Since then, most trucks from this era have jumped in price. This 1970 Ford is a 3/4-ton 4×4 and can… more»

No Reserve: 1971 Ford F-250 4×4

As the weather begins to improve, there will be plenty of people who will be tempted to slap down their hard-earned cash on a shiny new 4×4 pickup so they can hit the wilds to see what Mother Nature… more»

Used Not Abused: 1976 Ford F-250 Y-Code

Ford’s F-Series of trucks have been around since the late 1940s and have dominated sales since the late 1970s. The F-250 is the bigger brother to the F-150 and has a higher gross vehicle weight rating. This edition of… more»

No Reserve: 1979 Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4×4

I’ve been curious if the sellers of the sixth-generation F-Series crew cabs are artificially inflating their prices or if the trucks are actually commanding the, what seem to be, high prices. The market will speak as this 1979 Ford… more»

Real Highboy Survivor! 1975 Ford F-250

Back in the mid-1970s, Ford 3/4-ton pickups were built for work. They featured a lifted suspension from the factory giving them the nickname “Highboy” along with 8-lug axles and a heavy-duty drive train. This one is from 1975 and… more»

No Reserve 4×4: 1977 Ford F-250 Highboy

This 1977 Ford F-250 4×4 Highboy is one tough looking pickup, but it has been laid low by some electrical gremlins. Once it has been returned to good health, this would be a great vehicle for anyone who wants… more»