Just Out of Storage: 1966 Ford F100 Pickup

I sometimes wonder whether we ever reach a point in life when using the word “cool” to describe anything is inappropriate. I will throw caution to the wind because that seems the best term to describe this 1966 Ford… more»

Same Family 33 Years! 1966 Ford F100 Pickup

To find a pickup that’s been in the same family for the last 33 years is a good start if you’re on the quest for a vintage truck, but when it’s pushing 60 years old and still looks as… more»

BF Auction: 1966 Ford F100 Custom Cab

With classic Pickups remaining strong performers in the market, finding a promising project can be challenging. However, this owner has a great prospect he is selling as part of a collection downsize. It is a 1966 Ford F100 Custom… more»

Original Daily Driver: 1972 Ford F100

There’s something curiously attractive about an older Pickup that carries the scars and marks of a vehicle that has worked for a living. Such is the case with this 1972 Ford F100. If you look beyond the tired and… more»

Stunning Presentation: 1969 Ford F100 Shortbed Ranger

With classic Pickups maintaining their popularity in the current market, good examples will always attract interest and intense bidding. Such is the case with this 1969 Ford F100 Shortbed Ranger. Someone has added a few updates to improve its… more»

One-Owner Half-Ton: 1966 Ford F-100

From its inception after World War II, the Ford F-Series of pickups would eventually become the best-selling truck on the market. And even outsold many popular brands of automobiles. The seller’s 1966 edition of the beginner F-100 (aka F100)… more»

Cool Patina and No Reserve: 1969 Ford F100

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly at my local Cars And Coffee centers around the line of trucks that always seems to congregate near the center of the lot, and that’s how much attention the pickups with a patina like… more»

Garage Kept: 1972 Ford F100 Ranger Pickup

I just had to write about this particular pickup because (a) I’m more of a Ford guy, (b) I love good old (simple) pickup trucks, and (c) my high school’s colors were orange and white. Here’s a nice looking… more»

Business Billboard: 1958 Ford F-100 Panel Truck

If you want to get attention for your business, having a rolling billboard in the form of a classic vehicle is hard to beat. There is plenty of room for advertising when you have a large surface area like… more»

Rock Solid: 1955 Ford F100 Pickup

We see our share of older Pickups at Barn Finds, but many require significant rust repairs as part of the build process. This 1955 F100 arrived like a breath of fresh air because it is a rock-solid classic that… more»

No Reserve Orchard Survivor: 1967 Ford F-100

Here’s a good old tried-and-true 1967 Ford F-100 survivor that spent most of its working life on a little orchard in Utah. The odometer only shows 19,510 miles and the seller says “there’s no proof of this being original,… more»

2,911 Miles? 1970 Ford F100 Pickup

When it comes to the Ford F-Series of trucks, it seems like they’re often viewed as relentless workhorses, which makes it unusual to find a 52-year-old example on the market with a claimed less than 3,000 miles on its… more»

312/5-Speed: 1956 Ford F100 Stepside Pickup

Occasionally, a project vehicle will appear, leaving opinions torn about whether it should be considered finished or unfinished. That will undoubtedly be the case with this 1956 Ford F100 Stepside. Some will look at the completed work and feel… more»

Not Your Typical Moab 4×4: 1971 Ford F100

When someone mentions “Moab” and “4×4” in the same sentence, your first thought is probably “Jeep” or “Bronco” or something along those lines. Well, in this case, it is a 1971 Ford F100! These 5th generation Ford pickups have… more»

Short Bed Survivor: 1965 Ford F100 Truck

The Ford F-series was born when Ford asked – what if we made a pickup for the Average Driver, instead of for commercial or farm use? Make it more comfortable (at least a little), pay attention to safety, and… more»

72k Original Miles: 1972 Ford F100 Sport Custom

For the 1972 model year, Ford offered their iconic F100 in several trim levels. While the base trim level was the Custom, the Ranger brought some significant trim upgrades to the table. For a buyer seeking a middle ground,… more»