Blue Workhorse: 1963 Ford F100 “Wrongbed”

In 1961, Ford redesigned its trucks to go with “unibody” or unit-body construction. That turned out to be an engineering mishap as the bodies couldn’t twist or give enough under heavy loads, sometimes causing doors to not function properly…. more»

Flareside Rat Rod: 1963 Ford F100

Step-side trucks aren’t everyone’s taste. However, for those people looking for an ultra-short wheelbase, they can be a great option. For this generation of F100, the short wheelbase step-side (Flareside as Ford calls it) was produced at about 1/5th… more»

Retro Look Van! 1959 Ford F100 Panel Delivery

The Ford F100 was the predecessor of the F150, the best-selling pickup truck of all time. The third generation of the vehicle was produced from 1957 until 1960 with wider bodywork to integrate the cab and front fenders, a… more»

Parked For 30 Years: 1975 Ford F100 Ranger XLT

With the growing popularity of classic pickups, solid examples will command plenty of attention when they emerge from hiding. That appears to be the case with this 1975 Ford F100 Ranger XLT. The owner found the Ranger languishing in… more»

Second Chance: 1966 Ford F-100 Short Bed

Classic Ford trucks have been steadily rising in value over the years. Even dull crusty trucks like this 1966 F100 are highly sought after. In fact, some people prefer the patina/weathered look like this truck wears. Being a short… more»

Montana Survivor: 1969 Ford F100 360 4-Speed

The thought of undertaking a complete restoration on a classic vehicle can seem attractive. However, sometimes there is just as much joy to be gained from taking an already tidy survivor and knocking away a few of the rough… more»

Preserve or Restore? 1960 Ford F100

This 1960 Ford F100 is a West Texas truck that has sat for years and is in pretty rough shape. Fortunately, trucks tend to be tough, so there’s always the chance the next owner could get it running and… more»

292/3-Speed: 1962 Ford F100

The fourth generation of Ford’s F-series trucks were popular, with reportedly over 1,000,000 produced from 1961-1966. Basic, capable trucks with just enough style, they’re still popular today. This 1962 example has had plenty of work done to become the… more»

360/4-Speed: 1972 Ford F-100 Custom 4×4

We see a wide variety of classic pickups here at Barn Finds, and some of them are better than others. This 1972 Ford F-100 Custom 4×4 has to sit somewhere near the top end of the range because it… more»

Fresh 390: 1971 Ford F100

Custom builds can come in all shapes and styles. Some can be pretty wild, while others can be subtle and tasteful. This 1971 Ford F100 fits into the latter category, and it offers potential buyers a lot for their… more»

Low-Mile Pickup: 1967 Ford F100

Hiding away in this garage is a 1967 Ford F100 with an interesting background. It started its life as a Fire Chief’s vehicle, and when its life of active duty ended, it found its way to a second owner…. more»

360-Equipped Survivor: 1968 Ford F100 Ranger

Some classic pickups are more eye-catching than others, and this 1968 Ford F100 Ranger is a real beauty. It is a survivor that is in above-average condition and should garner plenty of attention and positive comments wherever it goes…. more»

Pants Required: 1956 Ford F-100 Short Bed

“If you don’t wear the pants in the family, please do not bid.” reads one of the first lines in the ad for this 1956 Ford F-100. I’m guessing the seller had a deal fall apart and is now… more»

Final Flathead: 1953 Ford F100 Shortbed

I guess that there has to be something to be said for being the last of a breed. Whether it is a good thing or not is open to debate. This 1953 Ford F100 Short Box is the last… more»

Cheap Project: 1967 Ford F100 Long Box Pickup

Finding an affordable classic pickup as a project vehicle is becoming more difficult as their popularity continues to grow. Maybe that’s where this 1967 Ford F100 fits into the picture. It’s rust issues appear to be minimal, and its… more»

Peach State Find: 1966 Ford F100 Flareside

If you watch the televised auto auctions or actually attend one, you’ll notice all of the recent focus on ’67 to ’72 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. They’re hot, to say the least. But Ford has some game in… more»