Ferrari Barn Finds

One-Owner 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB

Selling a classic car due to health issues is never an easy choice. This is especially true when the vehicle in question has been in the owner’s possession for more than four decades. That is the case with this… more»

Ferrari-Inspired! 1978 Datsun 280Z Velo Rossa Spyder

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, yet there’s little doubt that the Ferrari 250 GTO truly requires any additional praise. The once simple race car has ascended to the heights of the collector market, regularly commanding… more»

Rustiest Ferrari in the World? 1978 Ferrari 308 GT4

When we think of restoration projects, we tend to assume there’s some rust and other bodywork issues to resolve. Perhaps the engine is tired and needs a rebuild, and the suspension is almost certainly in need of a refresh…. more»

Low Mile 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Survivor

This 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is a nicely preserved original car with under 30,000 miles. There was a time when a model like this wasn’t exceedingly desirable, but that’s all changed now as Ferraris of seemingly every vintage… more»

Moses Malone’s 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2

Don’t mind the awful pictures when you check out this rare 1987 Ferrari 412. The assortment of 2+2s offered by Ferrari and other Italian sports car manufacturers haven’t proven to be the most sought-after collectibles, but they’re coming around… more»

Ferrari Tribute: 250 GTO Custom Replica

This custom tribute car is designed to mimic the classic (and enormously valuable) Ferrari 250 GTO. As one of the more desirable Ferrari models, it’s no surprise they evolved into kit car status, often based on a Datsun 240Z/260z… more»

Better Than a Ferrari? 1986 Machiavelli GTS

In the world of replicas, do some cars stand apart? That opinion resides firmly in the eye of the beholder, but this rare 1986 Machiavelli GTS is certainly one of the more finished cars we’ve seen in the world… more»

The Ultimate Supercar? 1992 Ferrari F40 Survivor

While it may not be accurate for all of our Barn Finds readers, I’m sure that more than a few of you would have your “ultimate garage” defined in your head. These would be the cars that you would… more»

Yard Art Project: 1980 Ferrari 512 BB

There’s no limit to what type of cars and projects end up on eBay, and as the price tag for a vintage Ferrari has continued to escalate, it’s no surprise we’ve ended up here. These are the charred remains… more»

Jeep + Ferrari = Bill Harrah’s 1969 Jerrari 4×4

Founder of the Harrah’s casino empire, Bill Harrah, amassed a massive car collection with upwards of 1,500 vehicles. Among them was his prized Jerrari – a case of what can be done to make lemonade out of lemons. The… more»

Incredible Back-Story! 1952 Ferrari 340 America

The Russian mystic Rasputin met a grisly end in 1916 after being poisoned, shot, beaten, and thrown into an icy river by those who though he exerted undue influence on Russia’s royal family. If he survived, as some believe,… more»

Throwback: Barn Finds in Monterey

UPDATE – To celebrate Barn Finds’ 10th Anniversary, we are taking a look back at some of the top posts over the years. There were a ton of impressive finds in 2011, but this trio of exotics was possibly… more»

Entry-Level Drop-Top: 1984 Ferrari Mondial QV Cabriolet

There’s a deep-seated part of me that hates admitting I still want to own a Ferrari someday. For years, I resisted, and I still have zero interest in owning any of the new-fangled models made after the year 2000…. more»

V12 Super-Coupe for Four! 1980 Ferrari 400i

Pininfarina-styled almost entirely with a straight-edge, Ferrari’s 400 splits the air like a wind chisel. This 1980 Ferrari 400i in Camarillo, California wears its 55,000 miles well, and runs and drives “excellent,” according to the seller. Appealing to enthusiasts… more»

F1 For Kids? 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 Italycar

After joining Ferrari’s Formula One team in 1974, Niki Lauda won the 1975 Drivers’ Championship, the team’s first in eleven years. To celebrate this, ItalyCar of Bologna produced five 1:2 scale Ferrari 312 T2 motorized kids’ cars. This is… more»

36K Original Miles: 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS

“Everything old is new again.” They may have been talking about the Ferrari 308 when that phrase was coined, as this was once the most stereotypical sports car you could buy, and its desirability rating seemed to take a… more»