Ferrari Barn Finds

Miami Vice Tribute: Ferrari Daytona Spyder Replica

I’m still not sold on the virtues of replicas of high-dollar sportscars, as so few ever come close to resembling the real thing. That being said, I’ve been open to kits that use the iconic body with some sort… more»

Good Or Bad Idea? 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS

For whatever reason, I still get awfully excited about dealer trades that feature an interesting vintage car of some kind. This 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS is not only such a car – apparently used as collateral at a BMW… more»

Eighties Icon: 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Monodado

The Ferrari Testarossa is a car that was designed in the 1980s, and achieved iconic status in that decade thanks to a white example being the vehicle of choice for Don Johnson’s character in the TV series “Miami Vice.”… more»

Kidney, Anyone? 1984 Ferrari 512 BBI

Although I’ve never been a Ferrari fanatic by any stretch, the 512 Berlinetta Boxer has always stood out as one I’d love to own. I credit the design, which blends together 80s excess with the classic Ferrari silhouette. It’s… more»

Parked For Five Years: 1975 Ferrari 308GT4

It may be hard to appreciate this 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 in its current state, what with faded paint, a missing turn signal, and uninspiring wheels and tires. Its ugly U.S.-spec safety bumpers don’t help either, along with… more»

Rebuild Worthy? Wrecked 1995 Ferrari 456 GT

Buying a wrecked car seems like a new way to generate viewers on YouTube, as I’ve noticed a ton of channels lately focused on buying wrecks off of Copart and other salvage auctions for the sake of rebuilding them… more»

Commission Prize: 1973 Ferrari Dino

This 1973 Ferrari Dino remains in excellent, original condition, with claimed original paint and zero accident damage in its history file. It has been with one owner for close to 30 years, and the listing tells a tale of… more»

Aluminum Bodied Tribute: Ferrari 250 GTO Replica

We’re on a solid run of these “Faux-rraris”, typically based on Datsun 240/260Z underpinnings and mechanical systems. I can’t remember having so many pop up in the years I’ve written for this site, but here we are. What’s most… more»

Rare Roller: 1976 Dino/Ferrari 208 GT4

How many opportunities do you think you’ll come across to buy a 1-of-840-made Ferrari for just $15,000? Not many, I’m sure—but obviously, at this price point, there are compromises to be made! In this case, those include being a… more»

Mysterious Exotic: 1986 Ferrari 328

Who wants to be like Tyler Hoover? If you are interested in getting into the shady world of salvaged cars, this is a prime candidate. The specimen in question is this 1986 Ferrari 328 with a claimed mileage of… more»

All-Original V12 1982 Ferrari 400I Four-Seater

Owning a Ferrari with four seats seems incredibly altruistic. What a practical way to share an awesome driving —and riding– experience with more than one of your favorite passengers! In fact, it triples the sharing! Those who agree can… more»

Wall Art: 1981 Ferrari Mondial

Some experts say you can’t total a Ferrari. For instance, the ex-Henri Oreiller 250 GTO was effectively totaled after the driver died in a competition-related accident, only to be rebuilt and fetch $38 million at auction. Similarly, a 2004… more»

Beautiful In Black: 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

Over the past 45 years or so there have been countless TV shows featuring unforgettably classic cars.  Anyone who was around in the 1980’s certainly remembers Tom Selleck giving the camera a smirk in that red Ferrari 308 GTS… more»

They’re Multiplying: McBurnie Replica Ferrari 250 GTO

This is something like the third McBurnie replica Ferrari 250 GTO we’ve featured in the last few weeks after not seeing any for years. It always makes me wonder if an owner sees one sell for a good price,… more»

25 Years Stored: 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Gullwing Mototcars has discovered yet another forgotten supercar languishing in shipping container and/or storage unit. This time, it’s a rare 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS, which hasn’t seen the light of day in 25 years. The GT and GTS… more»

Ferrari V8 Sleeper: 1988 Lancia Thema 8.32

You have to love when manufacturers decide to throw caution to the wind and build a sleeper. Sure, the hotrod Hellcats are cool, but you sort of expect them to be absolutely bonkers. You gaze upon this very sedentary… more»