21 Window Alternative: 1949 Flxible Clipper Sightseer

With all the hubbub over the 21-window Volkswagen Buses – and the crazy prices they are still commanding – perhaps it’s time to look at some cheaper alternatives with the same amount of sunlight on board. This 1949 Flxible… more»

Willie Nelson Connection: 1952 Flxible Flyer Visicoach

If I weren’t into vintage European cars and Japanese SUVs, I’m fairly certain I’d want to own a Flxible touring bus of some kind. Flxible Flyers sported some of the best art-deco styling to ever grace a transportation vessel, and… more»

Live the Post-War Dream! 1948 Flxible Clipper

The Flxible company (one ‘e’ short of Flexible to coin a patentable trademark) made this generation of Clipper bus from 1946 until 1967. This 1948 Flxible Clipper hails from a location near Londonderry, New Hampshire. Thanks to reader “AMXBrian”… more»

Bargain Bus: 1941 Flxible Clipper

Flexible? Fixable? So many ways to confuse this name, but I think I’ve got the correct spelling in the title. And really, it’s a shame I didn’t know this manufactuer’s name since Flxible was one of the largest manufacturers… more»

1946 Flxible RV: And It Runs!

I’ve always been fascinated by old buses, I’m not sure if it’s their streamlined looks, their size and grandjour, or the stories my father use to tell me of his childhood experiences riding them across the border into Mexico… more»