Ford E Series

Barn Find: 1979 Ford E350 Van Pickup Conversion

This 1979 Ford E350 custom van/pickup/RV hauler appears to be similar to a Cabriolet or Centurian conversion but I’m not positive if it is one or not. I don’t see any badges or logos, but it sure is unique…. more»

Papa Smurf Creation: 1974 Ford Custom Van

And now for something from “The just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” department. What we have here is a modified 1974 Ford E series van with a little 1976 VW bus thrown in for good measure. Referred… more»

Well-Kept Camper: 1989 Ford E-Series Okanagan

In 2008, British Columbia based business West Coast Leisure Homes closed the doors on its venture into overlanding vehicles, a company known as Okanagan. Okanagan not only manufactured truck campers and fifth wheel couplings, but they also converted vehicles,… more»